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Blasphemy at the pulpit

(Had a request from a reader of my book, Sideways in Sarasota, who wanted to know why this column, originally published in March 08, wasn’t on my online column site — so for that reader — here you go and thanks for asking. I don’t have the “send a friend” link you requested, but you can simply send them the link to this site.)

When Bill Clinton dilly-dallied with Monica Lewinsky in the shadows of the Oval Office — on many occasions while his wife Hillary was just minutes away in the White House –and then later lied about it, he may as well have flipped all of us the bird and been done with it.

Later, jabbing his angry, self-righteous finger at the television camera, fairly chastising Americans for even thinking him capable of such a thing – he delivered his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” line and went down in history as the worst kind of man you want in the Oval Office – a coward.

A lot of people wonder what it says about Hillary Clinton as a woman and a wife that she stood by her man despite his sexual escapades and lies. I’m less interested in what it says about Hillary the wife than what it says about Hillary the presidential candidate.

She chose to stand by her man; whatever her reasons, more power to her.

But what does it says about her that she wants to bring a prevaricator who played so fast and so loose with his marriage, his presidency, the public faith, and the truth — back into the White House to live and work once again at the very center of American government and power?

Surely she wouldn’t hire or appoint any non-family individual with such a public muddied past to any position on her staff? Yet she wants to bring her husband – the man who so carelessly debased the dignity of the American presidency — back into the building?

More than anything right now, our country desperately needs a president and an administration that can be trusted. A President and spouse capable of being seen as believable symbols of a renewed and invigorated American integrity both at home and abroad.

Hillary’s choice to stay married to Bill comes with consequences. And while his actions are possibly forgivable in the context of a marriage, they’re not at all forgivable in the context of the White House.

Are we really so desensitized as a nation by all the evidence of bad character in our politicians that we are actually considering granting Bill Clinton a mantle of honor as — for lack of better words — First Gentleman? Are we really supposed to feel the pride and historical significance of having a first female president — when she’s escorted by a man who brought disgrace to that very office?

If Hillary had made her run for office solo – if she had divorced or even disengaged her husband from a public role in that candidacy – we might not be asking these questions. But Bill has taken center stage on more than one occasion during her candidacy and we can only expect that trend to follow if the couple makes it to the White House.

Hillary has indicated that her role as First Lady played a significant part in readying her for the Oval Office. If true, then it holds that Bill’s role as First Gent would be at least marginally significant as well. And if it were Bill who was running for president right now and if it were Hillary that had had sex with a young intern and cuckolded a husband and a nation– I’m thinking there’s not a snowball’s chance in Florida that we’d find her a suitable character for all those photo-ops with young children and mothers that so many First Ladies are required to do.

Hillary’s asking an awful lot – too much, I think — of the American public by asking us to re-install into the White House a man who, when addressing an entire country if not an entire world, used all the weight and power of his own elected presidency to speak what he knew to be a lie.

If that’s not blasphemy of the most powerful secular pulpit in the world, I don’t know what is.

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5 Responses to Blasphemy at the pulpit
  1. 100% right..Uh oh … I have an order for the Blue State special one Kool sugar…

  2. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 20, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Good stuff if your anti Hill and Bill which I am, but has this been served up to remind everyone and serve as justification why Barry failed to choose Hillary as his VP candidate? Barry did not pick her because he can’t share the stage with a woman Sweetie. (no disrespect there MC2 just a reminded of Barry’s condescending ways) plain and simple. Gosh I don’t want to rile up Fredo and the Snowman.

    Regarding Bill and Hillary no one really cared what slick Willy had going on in the White House whether it was Monica, cigars or oral sex the economy was growing times were good people were getting high in the White House and the Democrats were the willing enabling apologists making the argument he lied about Monica it was personal not important to the process of running the country. Not my opinion but again the opinions of the enabling apologist Democrats. Who in fact were the same individuals who felt sympathy for her and credited her with being a strong woman by the mere fact she stood by her man. Someone once told me during Willy gate that the President of France openly keeps a mistress and only in the USA is it an issue. Bill and Hillary aren’t coming through that door to save Barry and Biden in 08 nor will she rise like a phoenix in 2012. The Democratic party is still complaining that Al Gore was robbed in 2000 and given the way she is “supporting” Barry and Biden you don’t have to worry about them any more.

    And before Fredo and Steve the Snowman bring up John McCain’s past, and they will. John McCain cheated subsequent to his return from Hanoi and his wife’s car accident and he divorced his then wife and married Cindy McCain.

    Time to count Sheep…………..don’t cha think

  3. As the old saying goes don’t snow the snowman…Thanks for the info on Johnny Boy like no one knew all that irrelevant info…Well almost time for sleep..Need to count the sheep….

  4. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 21, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    Snowy: what??! all tuckered out no half witted response? Here’s a little fact for ya

    Barry has taken in excess of 500K from Freddie Mac Fannie May and Lehmans…….. I can’t wait to hear his economic package

  5. Man you are too quiet BSH…:-) There are so many dirty hands in this mess and both of the candidates really have poor plans according to the major Economists.Their rsponses this week to the disaster on Wall Street was stunning to me………PS…..Not that I like Trump, he was a big HC supporter and now backs McCain, says if Obama gets in his economic plan will put us where we were in 1929!Stay tuned !

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