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Palin pulls no punches

Wow. Sarah Palin nailed her presentation to the Republican party and the American public. I may not like her politics but I can’t argue with her stage presence. The woman definitely got my attention.

Matt Scully, the man who wrote Palin’s speech, did a great job of capturing Palin’s personality and gave her some great lines to run with. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say when she’s unscripted. I have a feeling she’ll still be consistently on point and confidently sharp.

I thought she was at times unnecessarily mean-spirited (she lived up to her self-description as a “pit bull with lipstick”). And no, I didn’t buy all her statements about things like that infamous bridge to nowhere and her thanks but no thanks rhetoric. But that kind of stuff will out itself over the next few weeks and it’s kind of standard fare for politicians.

Palin caught me off guard in one respect — because as much as I am firmly entrenched in Obama’s camp, as a woman, I found myself smiling at her seemingly very sincere cockiness. That cockiness was fun to watch — you don’t get to see it in women too often in public and though I do wonder if Americans will find it necessary to bring her down a notch or two as they do with most cocky women, maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll be so satisfied with her, they’ll give her a pass on the lack of humility.

As much as I got a sincere kick out of her balls to the walls personality, I think the historic significance of the moment could have used a soupçon of humility at where she has suddenly found herself — before the American people, at the threshhold of one of the most important times of challenge and potential change our country has every faced. I’m not sure what I think about her yet on a kind of personal level, but I certainly felt the impact of seeing a woman in the position of a party nominee for VP — pretty heady stuff for women who only won the right to vote just 16 years before John McCain was born. And doubly heady stuff given the times we’re in.

All in all, McCain’s pick in Palin has all the appearances of a home run for the GOP. Her no holds barred delivery and self-presentation as a hockey mom with a heart of gold and a backyard filled to the brim with fuel resources is looking to give the Democrats a heck of a run for the money.

I’m a hopeless predictor. I’ve never been right about too much on the national stage, but I will say this: I’ll be surprised if McCain can capture the stage back from the woman he’s put on it front and center. This race may now be between Palin and Obama. It’s sure shaping up that way tonight.

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7 Responses to Palin pulls no punches
  1. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 4, 2008 at 6:07 am

    I am truly disappointed first your subtle barbs; “Matt Sully wrote the speech” and Obama wrote his?? “I’d like to hear what she has to say unscripted” It’s a fact Obama is a stumbling bumbling politician without the tele-prompter. “Unnecessarily mean spirited” When the DNC and pundits identified Joe Biden as Obama’s attack dog Joe Biden you were calling him “mean spirited after his convention speech (who wrote it by the way??) I guess I missed the DNC lovefest regarding McCain and the GOP. “Sincere Cockiness” How about self assured? You ask for “a demonstration of humility” Had it been there you’d be saying she was weak, timid and not ready to be VP.

    Second the noted barbs above only serve to demonstrate that you have been so indoctrinated (i.e. brainwashed) by the Democrats and Obama crowd that you can not acknowledge Palin for the real person she is….a strong woman who, has rocked the Democrats and Obama and Biden. She represents alot of the little people’s views. The media is pissed off because they did not get the chance to vet her as a candidate. Here’s a clue it’s not about them it’s about US, as in USA. (maybe a little too patriotic right?) the citizens of the country. Admit it if Sarah Palin was running as the Democratic VP candidate you’d be as happy as a bug in a bakery.

    Why the suprize tonight? Were the Democrats expecting an Eagleton monent. Perhaps just perhaps Sarah Palin that would fold like a cheap suit tonight, as a result of the media attacks about her and her family. That she would have lived up to the stereotype of being a woman by some, shed some tears, ranting hysterically and reaching for the Midol and returning to Alaska disgraced and a failure. Face it, she’s a strong woman give her the credit she deserves and move on. John McCain made the selection it was the right pick it demonstrates he is his own man and stands up for what he believes in change and reform.

    Lets talk about Obama the candidate of change who selected a rich Delaware politician pretending to be a working class guy for Scranton PA and a member of the Washington crowd. There’s a change. Increased taxes there’s a change. With that said you and all your Democrats will be free to complain about how the GOP is picking on Obama and it’s unfair to say he’s been a U.S. Senator for 4 years and the response is he is eminently qualified to effect change. He couldn’t change a tire.

    In closing it is the Democrats who need to recapture the stage, focus, keep in mind McCain and Palin are on the same ticket.

    You want predictions, I got one, JFK, FDR, Bill Clinton and Hillary for that matter aren’t walking through that door to save Obama and the Democratic Party; not today, not tomorrow, no way, no how.

    Have a nice day

  2. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 4, 2008 at 7:16 am

    One more thing in twenty-five words or less tell me all about Obama’s experience, take as much time as you need.

  3. M.C., I do believe you are very impressed with Mrs. Palin and that you are now possibly changing your political stance.

    Welcome to the side of light and truth. We have cookies.

  4. Palin was chosen to become the new spokesperson and guiding light for the republican-only voting and right-wing hypocritical “jesus loves me but he can’t stand you” evangelicals who preach about the missing American “family values” just so long as it’s not their family’s values of course.Nice speaker and stage presence but in reality just another “we don’t practice what we preach” politician.

  5. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 4, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Catch a bad wave surfer; cite those examples where she has not practiced what she preached; was it as a pro-life position, was it taxing oil companies in Alaska? Enlighten me when you drain all the water out of your ears……….and by the way those foot steps you’ll be hearing are the sounds of McCain and Pailin walking into the White House com January

  6. Hired a lobbyist to get $27,000,000 in earmarks for Wacilla, population 6,700. She supported “bridge to nowhere” at first then later rescinded after national uproar(AK still got the same amount of money just not for that project).In 2008, asked for $200,000,000 in new funding requests to Sen. Stevens. Alaska already receives back $1.84 for every dollar paid into U.S. treasury or about $14,000/ citizen,which is more than any other state.Pork barrel politics at its worst,defintely does not appear to be a “reformer”.

  7. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 5, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Neither is Biden who has publicly stated on the record that he does not meet or do business with lobbists which I applaud…………almost because when pushed hehad to admit his staff (read bag men/women) does.

    Or Obama who’s relationship with William Ayers (a terrorist bomber ) has yet to be reported in any detail in the main stream press. Obama was the chairman of his multi-million foundation.

    McCain takes on Republicans and Democrats alike.

    Catch a wave vote Republican


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