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McCain was right about one thing …

I’m getting complaints about how much emphasis I’m putting in this column on the presidential election and the candidates and their running mates. I don’t actually enjoy writing about politics and all this deadly serious stuff every single day. I’m a woman who loves to write about cats and birds, the beautiful nature of Sarasota, Guinness beer and sunsets, and occasionally poke fun at my own deadly dull social life.

But what should we be writing and reading about when we’re a nation at war in not just one country, but two, our economy is failing, individual rights are being eroded, and our planet is in peril?

Do our soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan have the luxury of saying, “Gee, I don’t feel like thinking or acting like we’re at war today? I’d rather play skittles while bullets are flying and my brothers-and-sisters-in-arms are taking hits and dying.”

Does that sound melodramatic? Believe me; it’s not to the six soldiers who lost their lives last week in Iraq. It’s not to the family who is turning to a food pantry for the first time today. It’s not for the woman in Sarasota who wrote me this summer about her son who has a terminal illness and no health insurance.

There have never been more serious times for our country. We’re in a fight for stability and integrity, livelihood and lives. Whichever candidate one supports, there have never been more serious – potentially catastrophic – challenges and choices before us as a nation and before them as leaders.

John McCain said one thing in his speech that resonated with me. “Stand up and fight,” he exhorted us. And he’s right.

I’m going to keep writing about the campaign. And I’m sorry if I’m turning some readers off.

But I believe it’s a national imperative to stand up RIGHT NOW and make our voices heard. To take the next two months to discuss and debate the issues. To work hard to communicate respectfully but strongly about what course we think is best for our country.

No matter what side of the fence you’re standing on, stand up. Speak out.

And fight fair.

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4 Responses to McCain was right about one thing …
  1. I quite agree with you on this point. I do tend to view politics as secondary to work, sailing, sex, a good meal, etc. But, this time around, it’s getting brutal and distracting people from the really important things.

    Let’s face it, it doesn’t really matter who wins the election for we, the voters, will be the real losers.

  2. You keep doing what you are doing MC…These times are the worst in my lifetime and really this election is crucial despite what John says……..All of your issues that you write about have been gong on for years sadly but NOW is the time to finally do something about it and let’s stop with all this BS and rhetoric that means zilch..Actions will speak louder than words..
    I am so glad and proud of you for being passionate in what you believe in and write about it as much as you want.No guilt who cares what anyone says…….Now fighting fair…….there you have a problem.Keep dreaming…..This election will get nastier as we speak..The gloves are off but in the end the people will choose the best person for the MOST thankless job in the world.

  3. the masses would rather watch jerry springer and tyra banks and debate whether lyndsay nice-ass is dating ken perfect-hair. we’ve become a country of idiots. or maybe it’s been that way all along.

  4. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 11, 2008 at 2:02 am

    As you are well aware most if not al elections turn on the last best good sound bite or action that “resonates” with the masses. Your blog and ensuing words serve a purpose to enrage or encourage differing and similar opinions, respectively, whether they discuss the election, the candidates, or the best place to get cigars in Sarasota. (there’s an idea for a blog). Being a contrarian the majority of the time I certainly and often take issue with most, if not all of the your fans who jump on the liberal, tree hugging, can’t we all get along together, Prius. But you are serving a purpose, that being stimulating dialogue, discussion if you will, which point out the differences of opinions held by people. I don’t agree that this is a country of idiots, yes sadly some have that opinion. I also do not agree with the simplistic approach to eat sail and get laid is of a higher importance or a superior alternative.

    The victimization of America, in addition to it’s dumbing down, and lets not keep score so we don’t endanger ones self esteem, are attitudes which contribute making this country diverse and a good place to live. This is the land immigrants, both illegal and legal, are risking their lives to reach every day (too dramatic?). The opportunities are available achieving is a possibility provided you work hard you will make gains. The differences of opinion comes into being where the definition of gain to one person is not enough for another. Keep doing what you do, it’s always good to know what the other side is thinking. I gotta run Springer’s on!

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