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Decency at the doorstop

It’s getting awfully hard to slog through the daily slop of so-called news surrounding Palin, McCain, and Obama and Biden. Today’s the first day I’ve felt campaign fatigue.

Maybe that’s the cause of this dour column where today I ask the essential question of our country’s existence: At long last, America, have we no sense of decency?

Can we cease and desist with the sophomoric comments about pit bulls and pigs and the painting of lips thereof? It was fodder-worth for about five minutes, but if Palin really has the balls she thinks she’s swinging, she should tell her party to stop whimpering about sexism, and the rest of us should let it go.

Can we stop curdling the Constitution with the mixing of religion and government and the relentless disavowal of anyone who doesn’t self-identify as Christian? I know plenty of so-called Christians who cheat, lie, steal, and kill. It’s not like having a Christian president would have prevented Watergate, Monica-gate, or the current administration’s total Fubar-gate.

Separate church and states, folks. It’s a fundamental aspect of why this country was founded.

Can we collect our consciousness long enough to admit we have no earthly or God-given right to invade foreign countries for the sake of fueling our country? Can we stop with the “McCain was right about the surge,” and “Obama was right about the war” pitter-patter and just get the hell out with as little additional loss as possible?

Can we permit others to conscientiously object to the war or criticize our government without calling into question their patriotism? After all, if we hadn’t had dissidents willing to take a stand against taxation without representation, we wouldn’t even have a government today to be criticizing – or applauding.

In the name of decency, can Republicans learn to spell — did you see those “mavrick” signs at the Republican convention? And can Democrats give the devil his due — by accepting Palin for what she is – the woman John McCain needed to have a shot in hell at the White House? Bully for him that he knew he couldn’t make it without the mega-shot of testosterone known as Sarah.

Can we stop with the “who’s your (better) Mama?” question and invite the Moms of the nation to meet on a non-partisan kindergarten playground somewhere in the middle of a big cornfield in Kansas? The small-town West Coast hockey moms could divvy up Dunkin’ Donuts and the big-city East Coast soccer moms could serve up Starbucks – while the once-every-four-years, middle-road Midwest moms take their turn as the star makers of the moment.

Bottom line, let’s stop with the hysterics and get on with a real election. With real issues, real thinking, and not a teleprompter in sight.

We’ve still got several weeks before this election process shows us what it all boils down to: are we decent, or are we not?

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13 Responses to Decency at the doorstop
  1. DEcency and politics now there is an oxmoron for you.Dream on MC.It will get nastier as I said….You wait until the 527 groups come out with the big guns…You also can’t name one elction in recent history where there was some sense of decency..none.It is win at any costs these days and the word decency does not exist when it comes to politcis..I am sick of both parties and all this BS..I want the debates to get started already and let’s hear what the candidtaes really stand for on all the issues at hand.

  2. PS… Wanting decency in politics is like John Perkins not saying you’re hot in the blogs or me not having so many typos when I write on your blogs..not going to happen:-)

  3. “let’s hear what the candidtaes really stand for on all the issues at hand.”

    We may never really know…

  4. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 16, 2008 at 4:30 am

    The debates you clamor for will produce a sound bite here a sound bite there but nothing of the substance you seek. Face it MC2 this election was won the day John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate and Joe Biden announced to the world Hillary was a better choice for VP, game, set, and match boys and girls. It gives me great pleasure to enjoy the whining of your more loyal Democratic communicators regarding JM and SP ………game set match………

    Just living up to my side of the bargan

    Decency my ………

  5. I’ll give you a sound bite blue state hostage…it will determine the election as all these ads and media bias against both parties will soon end after we hear McCain and Obama being asked questions that they will have to think on their feet without any teleprompters etc.
    McCain picking SP was brilliant stategy and Biden’s comments were stupid in my mind but now the gloves are off.Sad to hear all the lies and deceit coming from both parties and it is so blatant.At least the debates will clear things up for many voters but if you think this election is over that’s what they said about the last Super Bowl too.
    Hey this is the first time when now I have serious doubts about McCain and haven’t voted for a Dem since Jimmy Carter.I am more open minded now but again I want to hear the debates.I could care less about the VP debates as that won’t make a difference despite what people may think.In the end I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you and as Yogi says..It ain’t over until it’s over..
    Now I must check for my typos once again excuse me.:-)

  6. Hey Blue State Hostage,
    You said the words Game.Set. Match….R U a tennis player????..I will spot you 4 games each set best out of 3..If you lose you vote for Obama….If you win I will move back to NJ…Checkmate:-)

  7. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 16, 2008 at 6:57 pm


    Your quest is flawed Steve. I’m sure where you work you routinely make decisions effecting millions of people after being informed of a problem or asked a question (summarized in 30 seconds), or asked for your opinion. Additionally your response can’t be longer than 3 minutes. This is what your November decision is based upon?………….. Not the most valid way to vet the candidates and Jimmy Carter did you vote for him before you voted for Ronald Regan?.

    Lets be honest Steve, the only answers you want are whether your customers want fries with their Big Mac.

    Steve I’m having a Big Mac in November hold the fries!!!

  8. Great answer BHHIABS,
    Well I am retired and not becaue of $$$ but because of failed back surgery..Crying yet??????:-)You are right I never had responses to all my staff longer than 3 minutes..why waste time.When you deal with 500 special needs students ,parents and staff you can’t waste alot of time when dealing with serious issues.Also as a shrink I need to get to problems not to listen to nonsense…….My decision is based on fact not BS….Of course I voted for Carter..Big mistake before I voted for Regan…Good choice right?
    Yes if I had customers I would suggest fries.One of my favorite foods….Hold the fries??You will miss the delicious taste but suit yourself…..Do you want me to hold the special sauce too?PS I now will spot you 5 games in tennis..Game on?

  9. love the support for separation of church and state. the lines have become far too blurred. and here’s one vote for mc for columnist of the year.

  10. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 18, 2008 at 5:27 am

    Vintage response Buba; failed back surgery prevents work but hey you can still play tennis, how interesting. I gather your ability to play tennis in no way effects your ability to cash your monthy disability “retirement” payments, how Democratic, glad to hear your getting yours after all you paid into a system and you call yourself a Republican………………..

  11. That was 8 years ago and I won’t even dignify your response…It is called a pension after 25 years of work in the New jersey system not disability payments..which is under the social security offices…One must exercise even though one has chronic pain.If one wants to get better than you can’t sit on your ass .With that said, I am getting mine and no freebies for this boy.It was 12 years of college….every dime paid by me and hard work in the field of Education for 25 years..Game Set and No match!

  12. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 18, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Those who can do those who can’t……………

  13. …….teach Phys.Ed!


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