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Got guts?

Basically, I think the world boils down to two kinds of people: the kind who have guts and the kind who don’t.

I’m talking the visceral down and dirty kind of guts it takes to look down the barrel of life and choose to say what you mean and live what you say. It’s a hard road to live that way. And most of us don’t.

Most of us live quiet and not-so-quiet lives of desperately trying to avoid the truth of who we are, what we believe, and what we’ve done.

It must be exponentially harder for presidential candidates to maintain any semblance of guts; but in my book, Barack Obama has guts to spare.

It takes guts to admit you smoked some weed and maybe toked a line or two in your youth. It takes guts to go on record – and stick to it – in supporting a woman’s right to choose or not choose an abortion. It took guts to oppose the war in Iraq from the very beginning: “I don’t oppose all wars. . . . What I am opposed to is a dumb war.” Straight talk, smart thinking; way back in 2002 (at an anti-war rally in Chicago).

And, Obama’s willingness to forego the easy route of adding Hillary Clinton to his ticket shows he has a specific kind of intestinal fortitude that John McCain just doesn’t.

Obama wants to win the presidency on his own merit, not just because he appeased a female electorate. Most women can’t be bought that easily anyway. As much as women might enjoy a man who gives them what they want, I – along with almost any woman worth her salt — would never want to be placated at the expense of a man’s integrity.

Obama understands that instinctively. By choosing Biden and eschewing Clinton (who by her husband’s account, didn’t want the Veep nod anyway), in one fell swoop Obama showed he respected women enough to not try and buy them off, and showed that even though she would have made a sure-win ticket, he thought too much of Hillary to offer her second place at the big brass ring.

It took guts for Obama to risk the ire of Hillary fans. It always takes guts to respect another human being enough to accept the fact that they might not choose you – whether that’s in love or in politics; but it takes even more guts to respect yourself enough to not try to curry that choice, that love, that vote.

McCain’s chose of Palin revealed a staggering condescension toward American women, including Palin.

McCain apparently thought American woman are dumb enough to be manipulated into voting for a man simply because he’s got a woman standing next to him on the ticket. He apparently thought we’d be flattered by him tossing us the bone of a female Veep – perhaps hoping to distract us from the fact that his politics run so clearly contrary to women’s rights, equality, and sovereignty over our own bodies.

And, truly, he knew Palin was too wet behind the ears politically to stand up to even the soft pitches of Gibson and Couric; yet he had no hesitation asking Palin to throw herself into the kind of pressure cooker that has undone far more experienced men and women – even without the particular personal challenges Palin is juggling with a months-old, Down Syndrome baby, and a 17-year-old, unwed, pregnant daughter.

In my view, McCain has used Palin pretty ruthlessly. He wanted her on that Republican Convention stage as a pretty face talking the party line, but since then he’s essentially kept her tightly wrapped in the media equivalent of a burqa.

That’s not a maverick; that’s a manipulator.

And it’s the difference between having guts and being gutless.

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15 Responses to Got guts?
  1. Well MC this time I totally disagree with you and let me be objective not subjective like you were on this particular issue.To say that Obama has guts for admitting smoking weed,taking nose candy,opposing the war,letting woman choose or not choose and not choosing HC as his running mate is not guts but politics as usual.He is no diffeent than McCain doing what you state he has done but in a gutless manner.We don’t know Barack at all and did you ever think he made these decisions to get himself elected instead of having guts.The above choices he had to do as he is in the most nasty of business ….politics.He sure would have been exposed if he didn’t admit to weed or cocaine so realy where is the guts?How about Bush admitting his substance abuse?Does he have guts?He opposed the war?Great and yes we should not have to gone to war.History will tell us more in the future.Is Biden gutless or HC gutless for supporting the war??Not picking HC in my mind was a mistake but don’t give him credit for having guts. We know that he didn’t want Slick Willie close by….Also from some people I know more than alot of us she will be on the Supreme Court in the near future if BO is elected.
    Now as far as McCain yes he has guts because of his military service ,but to call him gutless because he chose Palin whoa…..It would have been so easy for him to pick Mitt or Joe Liberman but he chose this rookie who in the end is such a lightweight .
    We can call both candidates manipulators and having guts who are we to judge.We don’t know them as people on a personal level.You are giving way too much credit to Obama for having guts ..Save the gutcheck for soldiers and the like not for politicians.

  2. PS…Last thought for now..the people that I know or knew in my life that had guts, NEVER had to talk about them but rather had their actions speak for themselves.A classic example is the great humanitarian/actor Paul Newman who died Friday.Perhaps I should use the word class instead, which is a word that I do not equate with politicians either….

  3. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 30, 2008 at 5:32 am

    I guess it did not take guts to suspend his campaign and attempt to get this financial bill passes. Keep in mind most people do not own their house outright you rent it from the bank every month when you pay that mortgage. Where were his “guts” yesterday when he needed to make a decision and did not make a decision on the financial aid bill, either yes or no. Where is his courage you speak of to tell the American people what his alternative plan is. It will not happen……he is incapable and afraid to commit either way. Pure politics your Barry.

    And for your two stooges who wanted poetry:

    An invitation to the financial dance
    Where Obama was scared to take a stance
    Putting politics aside at least John McCain tried

    Fredo, the snowman MC2 only see hear and speak of evil
    During this time of financial upheaval

    They walk along in lockstep with their “uber” candidate
    secretly knowing he’s not so great.

  4. Lots of votes your boy got in Arizona too for the bailout bill..but that is an aside….2 stooges that wanted poetry? There are 3 stooges and be original the poetry was my idea..I had the guts to take a chance with my prose and you copy me????Oh well imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Zoo State Hostage……

  5. Great John..Checkmate Blue Wait until 2012 Hostage.Best Regards, Moe Howard

  6. You still with the lesser of two evils John?That was a funny cartoon for sure and while the Blue Plate Special thinks his boy will win I don’t even think it will be close.
    By the way with my migraine today my responses may be off a bit and not make much sense but more than Sarah I hope..I also can see NJ from my lanai window although I thought it was Russia at first!

  7. MC,Perkins and Steve had guts,
    By voting for Obama which made Blue Hate Hostage nuts,
    The stooges had grins,
    They wouldn’t ever have to look at Palin,
    After election day all will be well and Blue State H is still a putz.

  8. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 30, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Lets get a few things straight Frodo and Fredo; the election is far from over; Barry’s VP candidate believes FDR addressed the masses via television and Hillary should be Barry’s VP choice and you maintain you got issues with Sara Palin but not with Biden’s misspeaks. In addition to maintaining a simplistic view you truly are the Democratic enabler. Why is it you and Larry never comment on the issues? Oh you did McCain got 2 votes, do you honestly believe your Democrats would stop playing politics and honestly address the situation? Wait what am I saying you can’t so why should I expect them to. I guess you left that sense of fair play on the operating table in NJ during your back surgery. That migrane you suffer from is obviously the direct result of sitting on your retired/disabled arse moaning and complaining that nothings being done. Way to go Bub.

    You are such an expert Moe, so much so you care little or less about solving the problem, like the Democrats who continuously state they know the way to resolve the situation and with control the house they are crippled to take any action because they want to share the blame in the event they are wrong. There’s a fine example of self confidence not to mention leadership.

    When you lose that refrigerator box you live in because your bank called in the loan and you loose your job at McDonalds because the franchisee couldn’t get the monies to make your payroll I sure your fellow stooge, Fredo, will take you in. But I forgot you and all the Democrats know what you’re doing, yeah right

  9. I cannot stand Biden at all..lesser of 2 evils again…..Nice making sense once again Blue Hate Special.Bringing health into it has nothing to do with what we are talking about so you shouldn’t be going there!The only thing I want to lose is your idiotic rhetoric…As I said before after the election I will take out my yellow pads and provide free therapy to you.Hell why wait you appear to need it now.You sound like a very angry man who has pathology that we need to address now.I just want you to be prepared before the election as I believe you may snap at the landslide which will happen for sure because your team has about as much solutions as Larry did to prevent Moe from slapping him all the time.Gee I can’t wait for the debate this Thursday.I hear they are having Knucklehead Smith take Biden’s place and Sarah will still lose.Have a nice day Blues State Hostage.Joe Besser

  10. PS Perkins When I lose the refrigerator box that I live in now….Can I sleep on your boat?I am very neat?Please!!!!!………MC?Come on I can do housework and yardwork!!Now hair I cannot do:-)

  11. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 1, 2008 at 7:38 am

    Your insignificant message still lacks fairness, I can not compensate you given your lack of self esteem and/or self confidence. I mention that you are retired and disabled and you launch stating I go where I should not. How interesting coming from you as if you ride on the high side of the road. Possibly you forgot labeling yourself as disabled retired a former teacher and former resident of NJ, all information that you freely provided to make or refute a point during any discussion. Now you whine it’s unfair. You provided the ammunition. . I’d call you a little wuss but it would not be fair to all the wusses walking the planet.

    Angry? me? You, sir are uncomfortable with direct frank conversation where individuals say what they mean. You’d rather complain about the issue versus work to create a solution it’s the way of your generation. Grow a pair and accept responsibility. My last piece of advise: you can act like a man ask Fredo.

  12. John W. Perkins
    October 1, 2008 at 9:06 am

    I think you all deserve a little rest and relaxation.. Some “me time” seems appropriate.

  13. Oh please I am just stirring the pot a bit your words really mean very little to me.You don’t get the NJ humor but that’s okay.Really.I can’t debate in this forum rather like to discuss things in person.Since you live to far away I guess I will have to settle for this blog which I truly enjoy and appreciate that MC does it for everyone to read and share.I can get real down and dirty but not my style.I rather use humor which I guess you do not get much but that’s okay.I am not angry at anything you say really and your views are your views and what can I say.I don’t agree with you on most issues and some I do but I don’t like when you become a wiseass when you don’t know the people on here but say what you will.I can also not choose to respond or not write at all.
    My generation?Well how old are you.?Also what is your name or are you afraid to give that too.I am very comfy in my skin and quite the happy boy.To bad these e mails send too many mixed messages but that’s the best we have for now.I have a pair although they have shrunk in the last year.Look like little acorns but still like hanging around.
    Okay John help me please as I am not sure how to act like a man??Like your photo and trust me no sweat really.It is another glorius day in paradise.
    Well BSH have a wonderful day and when you want some real discussion speak clearly and say it simple.Too bad you really don’t know me at all.The scary thing is I think I have more in common with you than Perkins.Yikes!!!!!Have a great day my fellow stooges.

  14. After watching Tuesday’s night’s debate I thought I’d write a letter to Senator McCain and Senator Obama critiquing their performances, particularly that of Senator McCain. However, I am sure both are busily preparing for their next “open forum” so I will use this venue and hope that somehow their campaigns hear the gist of my message.

    Mr. McCain, you looked old and feeble and did not make me feel confident that you or whomever you chose for SecTreas will bring the current economic crisis to a timely end. Your answers were rambling and seemed to answer a question that was never asked. On the other hand “the other guy” was articulate and appeared to answer the same questions with alacrity and cohesiveness.

    Mr. McCain, you say you understand and can relate to the pain the average American felt this week after opening their retirement account statement and seeing it had lost 30% of it’s value. To most of us that’s only in the 10’s of thousands but I didn’t feel you’d ever known, nor will ever know what that feeling is. The “other guy” appeared somewhat more connected to the type of fear that rages through America upon learning CEO’s have recently raped our economy while our elected officials also prospered and stood idly by.

    Mr. McCain, you speak to us as “my friends”. That greeting has bothered me for quite some time and many in the media that favors you have suggested you stop using that salutation as it sounds a bit contrived. I agree. If I never hear you use that greeting again it will be too soon. I believe it shows a disconnect between you and the people you think you are reaching out to, albeit well intentioned. The “other guy” has a speaking style and comforting tone the likes of which we haven’t seen in a politician in a very long time. He makes “the connect” without using such contrived endearments.

    I am certain at this point anyone reading this has concluded I am just another left wing loon lost in the adulation of the Obama persona. Sadly I am not. I wish I could be as his rhetoric does serve to inspire me in some way. Maybe it’s simply his ability to speak in public and his well rehearsed speaking style. However I, like many Americans, feel his style lacks substance and one’s past associations are indicative of one’s future goals. I cannot get past the associations Mr. Obama has made in his rise to power. They are questionable to say the least. Recent attempts by many of his supporters to silence dissenting views eerily remind me of a political rise to power in April 1933, when similar promises were made and a willing populace followed blindly into history.

    In retrospect, I would have loved to have seen Mitt Romney on that stage last night and believe that upon waking this morning America may have felt hope rather than more despair. Going into the primaries I was open to all the candidates’ views but honestly Mr. McCain yours were not high on my list. I, as many other conservatives, am left with supporting you only by default and the fact that “the other guy” scares the hell out of me. That is a poor way to win an election but unfortunately it is all we are left with.

    Please Mr. McCain, in the remaining weeks will you shed that stubborn persona and speak to America as someone who will fight to get to the bottom of what has happened to our countries financial markets and why corrupt elected officials were allowed to stand idly by. This is what America needs and I don’t believe “the other guy” could claim to do this lest he expose that side of his character.


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