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My paradox with Palin

Sarah Palin’s not exactly the kind of woman I see myself hangin’ with. Oh, I’m not deaf, dumb, and blind to the appeal Palin has for some people; I get that she’s attractive, accomplished, and, up until recently, quite ballsy.

It’s just that I can’t relate to a woman who seems to have so little compassion for others.

Somehow though, despite my disagreement with Palin socially and politically, I find myself feeling sorry for her these days. I always hate to see a woman — even one I don’t particularly care for — reduced to a shadow of her former self because a man (or, in this case perhaps several) decided she needed to be reined in and Stepford-ized in order to be his partner.

And, even though I know Palin doesn’t have my back as a woman, in this case, I’ve got hers.

It’s bad enough that McCain apparently thought American women could be manipulated into voting for a man simply because he put a woman out in front of him. Bad enough that he thought American men would get excited enough to vote for a ticket simply because it plays to the timeless match-up of a geriatric man invigorated by a much-younger woman.

And it worked to a certain extent; no big surprise there. The number of women who jumped on the Palin bandwagon was – still is – staggering. And the tidal wave of men who made comments about her hot factor and stated that they found her an accomplished and ready Veep candidate was astonishing (particularly given the based-on-my-own-experience fact that the majority of men may say they like ballsy, confident, women, but they as soon as they get one, they try to pull a McCain – as in look good and keep your mouth shut).

In just a few shorts weeks, due I think mostly to McCain and his people pummeling Palin into submission, she’s gone from pit bull to pitiful, with even Katie Couric pulling her punches to avoid humiliating her on national television.

And though I hope like heck Palin never makes it to the White House, I do hope she finds her way back to being the woman she was before McCain reduced her from cocky to just this side of kooky – an absolute nervous wreck of a woman, with no sense of self.

‘Cause the only thing I like less than the idea of Palin’s politics is the idea of McCain’s minimizing the voice of yet another woman. (See his vote earlier this year against the equal pay bill that would have given women a voice/venue for seeking redress in cases of pay discrimination.)

Now, tonight, during the Vice Presidential debate, Palin will have a chance to show the world that she didn’t peak at the Republican Convention.

She’ll be out in plain view, no teleprompter; her McCain campaign burqa tossed aside. Former mayor, current governor, forever hockey mom — on the world stage.

I loathe her politics. I dislike her public personality. But, hey, I’ve got to wish a sister luck.

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7 Responses to My paradox with Palin
  1. Great column MC..I truly feel the same and the old psychologist comes out within me too see all the emotional mood swings this woman appears to be going through…..It is very sad how she was used and I know like hell they are practicing with her all they can so she will not look like a moose in headlights tonight in the debate with goofball himself LIEden.I can’t stand him and I think the media gave him a break with all idiotic misinformation he has said recently so I will be pulling for her but to see such a fall from grace in that little time is just unreal to me but not such a surprise.Sarah is a survivor and will carry on in Alaska when the election is lost in November.I don’t think this is all Johnny’s fault but he certainly hung her out to dry these past several weeks.Your sister just doesn’t have the knowledge to answer simple questions that most politicians should be able to do.She is in over her head .PS Can you imagine if she had to debate HC? There would be a knockout in the first round.At least with this knucklehead Biden she has a shot and I think she will do well.

  2. John W. Perkins
    October 2, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Katie Couric responds to criticism that she was too soft on Sarah Palin:

  3. Susan M. Kinsella
    October 3, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Hey Mary Catherine! Well, the debate’s over and the only thing that Saturday Night Live will really have is the non answers to questions (What is your plan to keep the sky blue, Sarah? Well I’ve always liked coral. Such a good color for so many people to wear, which reminds me of the plight of coral reefs…). Of course, there was the lying part, but what can she do when she’s being pumped full of “facts” and not given time to think for herself. I try to go easy on her for all the reasons you state and lately have even found myself defending Sarah (almost a crime here in Boston) because I hate to see a sister being used one more time.

    Just an aside… I’ve been lurking for a while on your blog and wow! Folks down there in Florida are really mean! Oh, oh… Is someone going to yell at me now?

  4. Hi Susan,
    No one will yell at you andcontinue to join the fun?I try not to be mean at all but the NJ humor comes out once in awhile.Oh well…..Anyhow glad to have your input and keep enjoying life in Boston:-)

  5. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 4, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Speak for yourself Snowman……. if this is how you(Susan) go easy and defend someone by calling them a liar you need to be pumped full of facts. Your left handed compliments align with your politics. Get off the she’s a woman boo hoo hoo issue and that she’s being used. Sarah Palin is smart , intelligent and a Governor. FACT She did not get there because she’s stupid and accustomed to being a taken advantage of especially by men. You all underestimate her because of her looks and mistakenly believe that every smart woman should look like Helen Thomas. You can have both I know.

  6. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 4, 2008 at 8:38 am

    One last shout out to another famous liberal……who are all unable to accept responsibility

    Barry’s Secretary of the Treasury perhaps

  7. He’s backkkkkkkkkkk.How R U BSH?Damn I agree with just about every word you say Yikes again.FYI I watch Fox everynight from 7-10 when I am home and I cannot watch any other news.I saw O’Reilly tell it like it is to Barney Frank who IS to blame for most of this mess.Then they make him out to be a hero with his wonderful input on the $700 billion bailout.Unreal.
    Anyhow Susan welcome again I do speak for myself BS H :-)


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