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Buddies and pals

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that McCain says that he and his campaign never met or talked with Joe (so-called) the Plumber (so-called), but yet in his debate with Obama McCain referred to Joe as “my buddy”?

I guess his “buddy” was someone he had never met and only seen on a television clip ….

Guess that explains why Palin would use the word “pal around” to describe a remote relationship between Obama and Ayers.

And, considering the amount of vetting McCain gave this man whose last name he couldn’t even get right on national television, this man who is not a licensed plumber, this man who owes back taxes, and who, I’d lay good money down to bet, this man who was a plant at that Obama swing-through …. yeah, considering all that, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that McCain plucked Palin out of nowhere to be his running mate, and that he says, still, that she’d be an excellent President if he kicks the bucket while in office.

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4 Responses to Buddies and pals
  1. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 18, 2008 at 6:49 am

    Joe the Plumber. I always thought you were one of the smarter persons in the room wearing Democratic blue but this simplistic stance you, the national media and there rest of the pedestrians have taken that John the Plumber is plant for John McCain is LOL stupid. There must be a full moon (I could not resist given your last couple of blog sorry).

    Let’s look at all the clues that I believe may have led you to this erroneous conclusion and some you did not consider.

    First John McCain slipped up and called him buddy. The secret is out. You cracked the case. I guess you’ll be on your way to Dallas to slove the JFK asassanition, BRAVO!!

    True, he called Joe the Plumber buddy. Hey MC2 in the spirit of full disclosure, I must now admit I am a personal friend of John McCain. You may have missed it but the other night or any other occassion for that matter when he utilizes the term “my friend or collectively “my friends” he is specifically referred to me as one of his friends.

    Talk about vetting; the Obama campaign using its power and influence with light speed to announce Joe the Plumber was “possibly” a McCain shill. Where was that light speed to vet or denounce Rev Wright.

    But I digress let us return this discussion to John the Plumber and ask a second question. Do you think honestly there is this Republican boogey man (that all liberal Democrats fear) out there that could have located and utilized a “plant” (potted or otherwise) better than Joe the Plumber to withstand the vituperative actions of the media, pundits and Joe Biden. Someone who perhaps was not delinquent with respect to their taxes or maybe as you point out was a licensed plumber. Or am I to believe, as stated that the rapid unearthing of these “facts” only serve to buttress your position, Joe the Plumber is a a cog in the Republican machine determine to bring down Obama.

    One point you failed to make was that these minor flaws of Joe the Plumber are part of the “tactics” encompassing the overall diabolical Republican party’s “strategy”. After all, John McCain used these terms during an earlier debate again, a subtle clue. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t consult your fan club; Blowman and Fredo. Had you picked up on this clue during that debate you could have save your candidate from his present predicament. Subsequently advised Barry to avoid Ohio and Joe the Plumber altogether or at the very least keep his socialistic mouth shut until after the election. You probably could have saved the world from the big bad Republican boogey man. Now you’re stuck with October surprise.

    Bottom line, truth be told, your candidate, Barry Obama, created this “monster”, this October surprise when he professed his desire to spread the money around. Open mouth insert foot Barry, rumor has it he was wearing mint flavored shoes however. Now the best way to get away from telling the whole country that you favor a now not so secret redistribution of wealth is to ATTACK the “plant” as you describe him. Deflect attention away from the real issue: your candidate’s socialistic statements, which do not exactly enamor Obama to a whole lot of poeple who vote. Shameless and disappointing.

    In closing, please remember to wear your aluminum foil hat tonight while watching SNL as you know it will ensure you catch the latest clues being sent out by Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign. LOL 😉

    Joe the Plumber may even show up.

  2. John W. Perkins
    October 18, 2008 at 9:39 am

    You’re funny…

  3. I can’t stop LMAO with BSF rants…Ah where is Josephine the Plumber when you need her…You remember her right Cary Rant?Perkins I think you are in love too..

  4. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 18, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    it’s refreshing to know the critics have been silenced

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