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McCain/Palin supporters’ idea of trick or treat

Last night I woke to the sound of someone in my yard. By the time I threw on some clothes and ran outside they were gone … but here’s what they left behind (and no McCain/Palin signs on my street — of which there are four — were touched):

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6 Responses to McCain/Palin supporters’ idea of trick or treat
  1. John W. Perkins
    November 1, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    That is reprehensible behavior…

  2. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    November 1, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    That was me I was hoping I got the right house. Seriously, pointing out this random act of violence is none too smart, letting he thugs know where you live by complaining i …..however you are voting for Obama, which is not the smartest thing in my opinion and they probably are still working on complete sentences so they probably don’t read your blog anyway and so you are safe.

    On a brighter not the AP reported on another mean spirited rumor/fact regarding the Obama family it appears that his aunt Zeituni Onyango an illegal alien (undocumented visitor for the democrats reading this) resides in public housing and works for the City of Boston Massachusetts. This poor unfortunate was ordered deported by the Immigration Service but did not leave don’t cha know. IT’s TRUE IT’s TRUE!! Obama mentioned in his memoir that she had been ordered deported and when interviewed (google Boston Herald) Onyango said she intended to speak with her nephew after the election. Probably about a pardon a la slick Willie.

    Boston Mass your old stomping ground maybe you had latte with her in a salon discussing how best evade those jackbooted thugs from INS. Hey? Could those thugs be the same thugs who destroyed the Obama signs??? NAH!! What’s your immigration status??

    Anyway, it appears wheels are coming off the big yellow Obama tour bus there may just be time, if not, if Obama wins maybe I’ll move there; the birthplace of Liberalism, Teddy Kennedy; Barney Frank and Ben Affleck. I only hope I can afford Onyango’s apartment after the tax increases and her deportation to Kenya.

  3. I think I saw Kathy Dent in your neighborhood MC??Sorry that stinks but I see it all over the area ripped signs and there is no excuse for that type of behavior..

  4. You know Mary, it’s truly unfortunate at the imature acts by the Republicans lately. They are doing everything in their power with their attempts to disrupt peaceful rally’s by the Democrats. Take for instance yesterday at the Jimmy Buffett rally in Tampa. Republicans had hired a plane to go past the audience with a banner, pulling an anti-Democratic slogan.
    Mary and I have never understood this but it is very true; Republicans would rather see this Country continue to go down the toilet as long as there is a Republican president than to see a Democrat do well. I mean, it would really piss off the Republicans if Barack Obama was elected and turned this Country around the way Bill Clinton did after Bush left this Country in a mess. Mary, when Bill Clinton left office, we had a budget surplus. Look at the deficit Bush is leaving us with! Now, Republicans are getting frustrated that a Democrat just may take office and turn this Country back around again… it’s really upsetting the Republicans. Why does it upset Republicans so bad whenever a Democrat does well?
    Mary, all I have to say is under Bill Clinton, I was working one job, had a nice house, my wife and I went on great vacations, paid our bills and had a few dollars to put in the bank at the end of the month. Under Bush, I’m working two jobs, receive a pension,gas is three times higher, and don’t have two cents to rub together, let alone to even think about going out for a nice dinner. There is longer a “middle class” et…..
    Mary, let the Republicans act like a bunch of spoiled brats.
    It’s just a damned good feeling knowing that we will soon get our Country back!!!

  5. MC,

    It is not surprising that “Hostage in a Blue State” resorts to vandalism to express an opinion, as he or she cannot write a coherent paragraph!

  6. Mary, I really can’t understand why the Republicans are so angry that a Democratic Presidential Elect is bringing together all races, religions, cultures, people are embracing one another because there are signs of hope for this greast country. Why is this upsetting Republicans? On my way to work Wednesday, customers are smiling again. This is the first sign of improvement I have seen in 8 years.
    Can you even imagine having Sarah Palin as Vice President?! Just yesterday, when asked what three countries made up the North American Free Trade Agreement, she couldn’t answer. She even thought Africa was a country. And the Republicans embrace this woman and is even considering running in 2012?! Maybe a Geography lesson would be in order for Ms. Palin….

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