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MC in print in local Pelican Press newspaper

The editors at the Pelican Press — the old stomping grounds for my Reality Chick column — were kind enough to buy an article I freelance wrote on the issue of Amendment Two and the City of Sarasota’s ongoing policy of offering health insurance benefits to employees involved in same-sex relationships.

I support what the City is doing. This piece is not an opinion piece — just a news piece on the potential conundrum the City and a lot of other employers could be facing ….

I hope you take a moment to read the article — you can find it in your local copy of the Pelican Press or check it out at their online presence here: City still offering benefits to same-sex partners

Posted on November 19th, 2008Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to MC in print in local Pelican Press newspaper
  1. Congrats on getting the PP to pick up this piece.


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