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Dodging shoes? Surely a bit better than dodging bullets.

I don’t know, geez, I felt a little sorry for George Bush. For about a nano-second.

Dodging shoes? Not so much fun as you close down your faux-presidency.

But I guess it’s a helluva lot more fun than dodging bullets without a Kevlar vest and getting up close and personal with a roadside bomb while riding in under-armored, frickin’ soft-topped Humvee. Which is the position he put American soldiers in when he launched a preemptive war with an unprepared military.

I thought I was over my anger with G.W. After all, he’s so passé.

But, unfortunately, his déclassé lives on.

Read Bush League to get my thoughts from 2006 on the Bush legacy of déclassé.

Posted on December 15th, 2008Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Dodging shoes? Surely a bit better than dodging bullets.
  1. Hi Mary Catherine,

    As you might know, being the worldly person that you are, that throwing ones shoes at another in the Middle East culture is one of the highest forms of insult. By joking about the shoe size, it’s another case of the United States, in this case our President, completely misreading and misunderstanding who we are dealing with over there. Not to mention belittling their culture.

    May I recommend Thomas Friedman’s book, “From Beirut to Jerusalem.” I haven’t finished it yet, but it should be required reading for any westerner who wants to obtain some understanding of that part of the world. Too bad some on the Bush administration did not read it.

    Se la vie, n’est pas?

  2. I would also reccomend the book, “The Haj” by Leon Uris.

    Consider this, the reporter was an Egyptian working for an Egyptian newspaper. That should be a consideration as to the perspective of the Iraqi people. BTW, Bush’s approval rating is far greater in Iraq than in the U.S.

    One last thought.. If Saddam was in power and that “reporter” had thrown a shoe at Saddam, that reporter would not have lived more than it would take the time to drag his body out the door and execute him with a single bullet by Saddam’s ruthless security.

    C’est la vie, indeed.

  3. Just a sec. here; we as Americans are supposed to be the strongest military country in the world, and here our leader (ahem…. well, Bush), is standing at a podium in Iraq, a member of the media takes his shoe off and throws it at Bush, missed and takes his other shoe off and throws it…. doesn’t anyone get it…. where was security?! As much as I detest the idiot impersonating a President (Bush), security should have been all over the guy the second his arm was raised. What would have happened had it been a gun? The guy would have had the time to fire off an entire clip, reload and fire again. So much for our great security. But then again, maybe they wanted something to happen……

  4. Being held hostage in a blue state
    December 16, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    With respect to books might I suggest the Seige of Mecca: The Forgotten Uprising of Islam’s Holiest Shrine and Birth of Al Qaeda by Trofimov would probably give you more of an insight to what that place is all about

    I do not believe I have to read From Beirut to Jerusalem to ensure I will understand the culture people or customs of a country or religon . No matter where I am I’m reasonably certain that if someone is throwing anything at me, including a shoe or shoes, I’ve got a problem. The situation is clear those people just don’t like us, our or our ideals for that matter. Some on the Blue state side pontificate that this overriding philosopy of maintaining one’s status as a champion of political correctness and understanding is a better way to go. This will soon be put to the test in attempts to solve issues in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Darfur.

    Perkins said it first and I agree you should be lauding the demonstration of free speech an American principlethe people of Iraq certainly this American right now afforded them, and as demonstrated , was far less that they would have ever expressed under Saddam Hussein.

    There was plenty of security and no need for firearms, think it through, they were all screened for firearms and explosives PRIOR to entering the event. Had the Secret Service reacted with deadly force the comments of your readers would be decidedly different. For example, how could the Secret Service shoot and unarmed man after all he was only throwing a shoe. Comments that the Secret Service may have wanted something to happen are simplistic at best.

    In closing, I condemn this act of extreme disrespect to our citizens, country and our President George Bush. Before some of you fire back, it is not because I voted for him or because I am a registered Republican trapped and being held hostage in a Blue State.

    For I am certain you all felt the shock and awe as did I when racial epithets were hurled at President Obama subsequent to winning the election by a few select Islamic “leaders”. My outrage was not because I voted for him, not because he was my choice as you are well aware. Conversely I am certain you experienced a similar outrage because of your approval and having voted for President Obama. Freedom of Speech aside, my opinion is this, the President represents the United States of America regardless of you political affiliation, who you voted for or leaning. Inside our house, the USA, we as citizens, can bicker, argue criticise, and complain but at the end of the day he is our/my President.

    Finally, W can’t win with you all, admit it he was quick, he’s obviously had some experience dodging (insert military service comment here) a shoe here or there possibly back in the day when Barbara Bush or Jeb were throwing them.

    And finally with respect to the quirky little French references I was always partial to the word sabotage.

  5. Well written and well stated, Blue State.

    Soon, Sen. Obama will be my president. And, I will treat him with the same mature respect that I’ve shown for past presidents. I will not obfuscate the truth due to passion-inspired vehemence. I will continue to do the best and right thing for all within my sphere of influence.

    I may even grow to like and admire Obama when others that have set such lofty goals will turn on him for not meeting those unobtainable goals. I will not sneer at his foibles for not being perfect. I will respect him and his office no matter how it turns out.

    And, I will continue to pray for him and our nation that he/we will do what is right and just not only within our own borders, but throughout the world.

    Bon chance, mes amis.


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