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SNN 6 … maintaining the status quo

So, first, thanks for the several inquiries about any new news on SNN. It lets me know that many of you are still very hyped on seeing our fave local news television channel back on the air. As am I.

Second, about my report on the comment made by the husband of DesMarais that there was “misinformation” on my site about SNN — apparently, there isn’t any at all. Misinformation, that is. On the contrary, it would seem that I’ve got the story — what little there is of it — quite right, in fact.

On February 7, I gave DesMarais my phone numbers and email at the conclusion of our phone interview — telling her that I was happy to address any possible inaccuracies that my site might contain, as her husband had mentioned “misinformation.” She said she would take a look at the site and let me know if there was any such “misinformation” and send me an email if she felt any clarification was necessary. With no subsequent word from her on that issue, I’ve made the fair conclusion that she felt my reporting was accurate.

Any why shouldn’t it be accurate? My entire reporting on the subject of SNN 6 has come — and will continue to come — strictly from direct, person-to-person interviews with primary sources willing to go on the record in my blog — and one of those sources was DesMarais herself. And, yes, of course, I keep all my notes. I may be a blogger, but I’m not an idiot.

I’ve spoken with DesMarais and her husband on three separate occasions — most recently just last Thursday, February 12th — and each time offered them a chance to clear up anything that could be erroneous or could qualify as “misinformation.” Neither she nor her husband have ever come forward to indicate that anything is, in fact, “misinformed” in my reporting of the story or in my reporting from any source.

So, in other words … I’ve nailed the story. No misinformation on this site, baby. But of course, as always, if anyone has anything to add to the mix — or correct me if I”m wrong — I’m right here and ready to report.

In fact, I can’t wait to report more. As I’ve said repeatedly, SNN 6 is a huge asset for the community and I would love to see it return.

Speaking of which. I spoke with DesMarais on Thursday afternoon, February 12th, to ask her what, if anything, was going on with her efforts to firm up investors, complete the SNN 6 acquisition deal from Sarasota H-T, and get the station back on the air.

She said there was nothing to report on the record at that time (around 4:30 p.m.) but that she’d be happy to talk with me again on Monday (the 16th) and let me know if she had any new developments or progress to share.

I’m looking forward to our conversation, and hope there’s good news to report.

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