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On dating attorneys … poetry as complaint

Foolish, he thinks
But doesn’t say
Out loud;

To the girl
With poems
In her head
And an-out-of-fashion
Toe ring gleaming
Through the waves.

He calls a caution —
‘They’re attracted to shiny
Things, you know,’

But that just pushes
Her farther … and further.

She’s doesn’t mind sharks;
At least
Not the ones
In the sea.

Posted on February 19th, 2009Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to On dating attorneys … poetry as complaint
  1. He was right about sharks attracted to shiny things in the water, you know.. Even baby sharks in shallow water can cause permanent damage to hands and feet.

    John W. Perkins, the Great White Shark Hunter of Monterey Bay, CA.

  2. Oh joy. Beware the sharks that swim on the land. Mind your muse. s/StanZ

  3. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Maybe he was looking out for you
    as land sharks do

  4. Please don’t say u dated ur divorce attorney!
    Just say it didn’t happen

  5. No. I didn’t. I represented myself in all filings, all appearances, all the legal documentation. No attorney at all; at least not on my side. So, you can rest easy.


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