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Sarasota’s SNN 6 … back from the grave?

Looks like all those obits about SNN 6 may have run a tad too early.

Yup, serious word on the street today is that DesMarais and hubby Doug Barker have confirmed sufficient investors to the point of acquisition viability and that completion of their purchase of SNN 6 from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune (owned by the New York Times) is going through posthaste.

A source close to SNN 6 has indicated to me that the ink may be dry on the deal as early as tomorrow, Friday, February 20th, with a possible reboot (back on air) date as early as next Friday, February 27th.

I connected with Linda DesMarais around 2 p.m., this afternoon to try to confirm what I’ve been hearing. While she wouldn’t confirm specifics, DesMarais did say “It’s fair to say we’re almost there. And it looks extremely good.”

DesMarais went on to say how much she appreciated the community’s interest in the resurrection of SNN 6: “The community outreach on this has been incredible. It’s so gratifying to the hard work that our staff does that people really seem to care whether we’re back on.”

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