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The perfect outing on April Fools Day … laissez-faire … lazy fairy … laissez-aller!

Oh, if there really are magical-power-imbued fairies running around loose in Sarasota, they’ll tap me with their magic, star-tipped wands and clear my calendar for tomorrow night so I can go catch the closest thing to the real thingLazy Fairy — Sarasota’s hyper-hip improvisational troupe!

As it stands, I’m wicked behind in deadline work and I probably can’t make it … BUT that doesn’t mean you should be a slacker! The troupe is performing tomorrow night, April 1 (yes, April FOOLS day!) at The Players theatre in Sarasota. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and judging by the day this performance falls on, I imagine you’ll be able to count on a jour-specific extra infusion of hilarity and general improv mayhem. Call 941.365.2494 for tickets or just show up and buy ’em at the door.

According to the Lazy Fairy site on Anything — “Lazy Fairy is an ever-evolving, innovative, Sarasota-based improv troupe dedicated to entertaining, training and teaching others in the purest form of theater: IMPROVISATION. (and here’s the best part:) In other words, we make crap up on the spot for others to laugh at!

Apparently, the Lazy Fairy troupe is also available for private parties, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, etc. (Um, but what about BIRTHDAYS!!!????) Oh, and if you check out their website (see link above), you can see they’re all kind of gorgeous and sexy … and funny too???? Really? I didn’t know that combo existed!

If anyone is going, post a comment here before or after!

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One Response to The perfect outing on April Fools Day … laissez-faire … lazy fairy … laissez-aller!
  1. Thanks MC! I hope that you are caught up and can make it to the show for a good belly laugh! Not only is it April Fools Day – it’s also our First Birthday! 😉 xoxo


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