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Facing reality? MC Coolidge lands a print gig!

Just when my fingernails were slipping from that freelance-free-for-all precipice, the Creative Loafing newspaper swooped in and offered me a paying gig. It’s just once a month, so basically, it will keep my cats alive … while I’m still diving dumpsters.

Oh, not really!

No dumpsters in sight, and hey, every gig helps. And if you like what you read (on newsstands tonight — check out the column launch on page 4!) , by all means feel free to let the editors know so I can crawl and beg for mo’ money or mo’ frequency one of these days.

In the meantime, for tonight at least, with the FPA award, the shout out from Sarasota Magazine, a kiss I got a few hours ago that left me wanting just a wee bit more, and now this new gig, well, can you forgive me if I’m feeling that sweet, (suh-weet!), Sweet Caroline vibe ?

Tonight, in celebration, I treated myself to a bar side seat at Broadway Bar and chowed on a mushroom pizza (c’mon it was wicked small and I only ate half!) and a swiftly-tossed back Cosmo (yes, I was feeling 2002 all over again), came home and pinched myself — there was a check in the mail! A day in the life of a freelance writer doesn’t get any better, people.

So, hope you enjoy the column in Creative Loafing, but no worries — I’m still going to be freelance writing for any publication, short of Republicans R Us Daily, I guess, that will have me.

And, of course, I’ll still be producing my own MC-squared version of reality right here at — where you can find me almost every day, spouting off on one thing or another … in between bouts of Cosmos and pining for Beantown.

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6 Responses to Facing reality? MC Coolidge lands a print gig!
  1. Congrats MC…..Well deserved and hopefully something FT will happen for you soon.:-)

  2. Congratulations on the new gig, MC.

  3. Hey, thanks very much! Appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    May 14, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Glad to see President Obama’s stimulus package has helped lower the roles of the unemployed in Florida. Congrats on the new gig.

    Now about Obama’s illegal war in Afghanistan………..

  5. Hey girl!

    I’m glad you are joining me at Creative Loafing! :) When is your first placement? I want to be sure to catch it. My next installment of “Sex and the Suburbs” is in the 5/20 issue.

    Take care, and big hugs!


  6. was in this week’s issue … already out!


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