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Sleep intoxication

Sleep Intoxication


I drink my sleep
In big waves
Of weightless

Random lovers
Strap themselves in;
Along for the ride
Inside my skull

The future recoils
The past lurches forward;
Present backing into memory
Of things that never were

Brilliant imaginings
Outlandish happenings
My head is a womb
For short-lived living.


An occasional
Roll of thunder
Or the barest
Impression of sound —

Paws pressing into the duvet
A traversing of the perimeter
A nose twitching at the outpost
Of my awakening.

Posted on June 4th, 2009Comments RSS Feed
3 Responses to Sleep intoxication
  1. This is also a wonderful poem.
    Sort of a mid-lifers theme poem
    except for the cats,
    dog lover here:)

  2. Thanks for reading my poetry, Scott. It always surprises when someone does …

  3. You are always such an appreciative host(ess) of this site.
    Keep writing!!!!
    You have me hoping you get your big break in the industry and you find your true love out there somewhere!


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