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MC in today’s Sarasota Herald-Trib! Happy Father’s Day!

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune picked up a piece I wrote and is running it in today’s paper. If you pick up a copy, the column, titled What a Dad Needs to Tell a Daughter, is on page A12. Or you can read it online at the newspaper’s website, by clicking here: What a Dad Needs to Tell a Daughter.

Hope you all enjoy Father’s Day and that if you do have a Dad or even a Dad figure in your life, you take him out tomorrow and do something fun — kayaking, beach-combing, for lunch or dinner, a round of golf … whatever!

If you care to comment about the article, you can comment right there at the Sarasota H-T site (at the end of the column, or you could send a letter to the editor if you like, or you can come back to this page and leave a blog comment here!

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2 Responses to MC in today’s Sarasota Herald-Trib! Happy Father’s Day!
  1. Siesta Surfer
    June 24, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    A co-worker of mine read your column in the H-T this Saturday and remarked that it was an excellent editorial and he also suggested to his daughter(on father’s day) that she read it as well.

  2. Thanks Siesta Surfer — appreciate you letting me know that folks are reading!

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