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Pugnacious pitbull no more … Palin plays the petulant pooch

Sarah Palin is a big ole crybaby. Her whining press conference (poor, poor pitiful me with all my legal woes and people being mean!) and her complete abandonment of her responsibilities as governor … .

Nonsensical? Check.

Boorish? Check.

Utterly narcissistic? Double check.

Lazy? Triple check. The pooch wasn’t having any “fun” in office anymore. It was a lot of hard work. She didn’t like the commute to Juneau. She didn’t want to “go with the flow.” People were being mean. She had some bills to pay. Yada. Yada. Yada. What? She can’t suck it up like the rest of us?

She’s the epitome of her high school beauty queen background — craves the spotlight and then takes her tiara and runs home the minute someone starts a rumor that she’s not all that.

I could barely stomach the woman before but at least I thought she had balls — even if I thought they were the mean-spirited, self-serving, misogynistic kind. Now, I see she’s no pitbull, no ballsy broad, and she’s no “simple, country folk” — ’cause believe me, those real simple, country folk have a work ethic that doesn’t quit … they’ve got an integrity that is inured to slings and arrows.

No, Palin has proven she’s just another in a long list of whiners — mostly men,by the way, at least in the political arena — who renege on their commitments when the going gets tough and then make long-winded, crybaby, confessionals posing as press conferences.

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4 Responses to Pugnacious pitbull no more … Palin plays the petulant pooch
  1. John W. Perkins
    July 6, 2009 at 8:18 am

    You’re so right, M.C…

    Women are too emotional for politics..

    That’s why they should never have gotten the vote in the first place..

  2. Mary, could you even fathom the idea what would have happened if McCain won the election and Palin was VP and something happened to McCain, like a heart attack. Korea threatened our Country and Palin answered the door of the White House with just a towel wrapped around her, saying; “I can’t take this pressure anymore, I quit” !? What then….?
    Palin was a joke from the start and deserved all the negativity aimed at her. But then again Mary, just think, coule have palin staged this entire scenerio from day one, only to create a Palin enterprise to become an overnight sensation. I mean Mary, I can see the Palin dolls, the poster pin-ups, the book deals, Playboy…. She already is a milti-millionare… I mean, could anybody truly have acted so stupid as Palin? Think about it!

  3. She certainly knows how to get attention though! Thanks for reading Hawkeye2u!

  4. Yep. I was going to post on Palin & then decided, why give the beauty queen one single additional ounce of attention? Yes, sweet Sarah. People can be mean. Didn’t you read up on that before seeking office? Mabye the aerial wolf hunts will end now, among other things…

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