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Cash cows … free milk … and where’s the beef? The written word woes of Sarasota media.

Sarasota’s print pubs are no longer the cash cows they were in the halcyon boom days … and everybody from writers to readers are paying the price …

That’s my story — my new story in Creative Loafing newspaper — out on newstands next week (July 15), but already live and rantin’ on the paper’s website at: Written Word Woes.

Here’s a snippet in case you’re interested … and feel free to comment either on the CL website or back here — I blog back on both.

Fewer reporters are actually going out and covering live and in-person the news as it happens, he says, and that could mean Florida returns to its “good-ole-boy, backroom-deal roots because nobody’s around to cover its Government In The Sunshine meetings.”

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