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The gg Monologues put the “fun” in profundity!

Amy Knapp, the creator of The gg Monologues, enjoys a good laugh.

An alter ego of sorts for Knapp, her character, “gg” is an investment advisor who advises clients on financial matters by day and “writes” a column about the love and life matters of a single Sarasota girl by night. gg is also the medium through which Knapp has created a wickedly wry and funny exposé of the interior thoughts of one girl’s mind – vis a vis the aptly-titled play, “The gg Monologues.”

The Monologues debuted in May, 2006 with the production of “A year in the life of gg – single sarasota girl.” By the end of that year, gg was no longer strictly single, as revealed in the second installment of the monologue series – “A New Year & a Good Guy.” Next, hot on the heels of the “Good Guy” came another installment of the monologues series titled “The gg Monologues with Jay Leno.” And now, showing this week (August 6-8) in Sarasota — “The gg Monologues — United Parcels.” (Click on ad at right to learn more about the show, about gg and Knapp, and buy tickets if you’re interested.)

gg – the monologues, the personality – “it’s all really about so much more than lip gloss and dangly earrings,” Knapp says. gg is about life.

“You really have to ask yourself what kind of life you want to live, what kind of life you want to grow. Then plant those seeds and be very intentional about it.” “I was a very serious, somber child,” Knapp says. “My life as an adult is very silly – by choice.”

“I’m bored by conflict and pain as a subject. [But] the pain of others, and the real pain that is present in the world, is something I want to relieve — even for a moment, or five minutes, or a whole play! I’m intrigued and fascinated by what makes people laugh in a really authentic and genuine way.”

Check out The gg Monologues if you want to see what makes Knapp laugh too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll laugh along.

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