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MC in today’s Creative Loafing newspaper

Hey, my article on Chief Abbott (Cop-out in Copland) appears in print today on page 10 of Creative Loafing newspaper. I’d love to hear any and all comments (pro and con) about my suggestion of firing or requesting the resignation of Chief Abbott — so feel free to post your comments here.

If you want to read the story on this blog, just click here: Cop-out in Copland

Posted on August 13th, 2009Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to MC in today’s Creative Loafing newspaper
  1. Finaly, some truth in this godforsaken city, is told. Thank God there is truly a paper which isn’t affraid of losing advertising revune for exposing the “TRUTH”. MC, thank you for saying what’s on everyone’s minds – but are affraid to say it. Thank you; CL, for having the courage to print the trust, rather than some fabricated line of crap the other locals are spewing out there. And thank you; the Long Boat Key Observer for being there – I ran out of bird cage liner.

  2. Ummmm, you meant to say; “Thank you CL, for having the courage to print the “truth” didn’t ya Advocate2you?…… No worries, as I totaly agree with your post as well as your little comment about that Right Wing propoganda spreadsheet – (Long Boat Key Observer), which truly isn’t fit to wrap fish in….which calls itself a publication…ha, what a joke!


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