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Le penseur

When I was working in Paris, my favorite museum was the musée de Rodin … August Rodin, the French sculptor.

MC outside le musee de Rodin, Paris.

MC outside le musee de Rodin, Paris.

Rodin said that before an artist can create art, he “must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.”

That’s pretty highbrow stuff, and I’m a big fan of the sculpture, if not the man, but I think his words need just a bit of tweaking for us less self-immolating folks:

For a person to live … he must have a fire in his belly for living.

Yup. That’s an MC-ism. You can quote me on that one.

Here’s my list of things you need to do to breathe air to those little embers of fire long-languishing like slowly dimming candlelight in your belly — the ones barely hanging on to their fire-essence — and fan them back into a fierce fire for living:

• Step outside in a rainstorm and don’t run for cover. Extra points if you dance with someone while raindrops are literally falling on your head.
• Go to the beach, plop down and curl your toes in the sand.
• Take a chance on something … anything. And if you screw it up, go back and try it again.
• If you’ve been cruel to someone, stop right now and call or write them. Ask for forgiveness.
• If someone asks you for forgiveness, give it straightaway.
• Choose the path of moderate to most resistance. Easy is for candles, not fires, in the belly.
• Skinny dip. Yes, stand at the edge of whatever body of water is near you … pull off your clothes and jump in. Head first if the water’s deep enough. Extra points if you make love while you’re in the water … with someone who isn’t named Loch Ness.
• When you’re showering tomorrow morning, sing. SING!
• Take a crazy, heart-stopping chance on love. Do it! Before you chicken out.
• Laugh so hard you snort through your nose and your belly hurts. Then come over to my house and make me laugh that hard too.
• Give your word … and keep it.
• Never complain. Never explain.
• Go to Paris. Fly Air France if you can. thinker
• Send me a postcard or better yet, take me with you.
• Visit the musée de Rodin.
• Stand in front of le penseur – the thinker – and don’t think.
• Just feel that fire in your belly.

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