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The dogma of dogs

I have a love/hate relationship with seeing a car go by with a dog poking its head or sometimes its whole upper body out of a car window. Head raised, ears flapping back, often a tongue hanging out flopping in the wind.

Photo courtesy of engnr_chik on Flickr (see link below; some rights reserved)

Photo courtesy of engnr_chik on Flickr (some rights reserved)

I sometimes wonder about the safety of letting dog’s do this but I do know that the simple sight is always a reminder for me of what I’m too often ignoring I need — sheer, unadulterated, simple fun.

Feeling that deliciously heady sense of freedom that comes from going fast, feeling the wind on one’s face, knowing somebody else is at the wheel and you’re safe, knowing you’re hair will be a rat’s nest, maybe even having to spit the occasional bug out from in between you teeth when it’s all over … and still … loving every single second of it.

I gotta get me some of that doggie dogma.

*link for engnr_chik

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4 Responses to The dogma of dogs
  1. Hi Mary Catherine,

    Sure is warm down here in Sarasota. No wonder the canines want to stick their heads out the car window. Unfortunately, that’s not a particularly safe idea for neither human nor animal.

    When I was engaged my then fiancee’s Shih Tzu actually leapt out of my parked car through an open window. Fortunately, she landed on all fours and was not run over by a passing car. If she had been injured suffice it to say that not only would the wedding have been canceled, I dare say I wouldn’t be writing this comment. lol From then on it was windows up and dogs harnessed – within reason – while in the car.

    If your canine likes the wind in his/her face, get a fan.

  2. I tend to agree Howard — I love the IDEA of doing it and letting dog’s do it too (why should humans have all the fun?) but in reality, I’ve always wondered if it’s safe for the little canines.

    Liked your story! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  3. It is very unsafe for a dog to have his/her head out the window as dust or debris can get into their eyes plus drying them out.Opening a window a few inches is okay but nothing more.Believe it or not there is doggie eyewear called “Doggles” for dogs to protect their eyes. Wish I thought of the idea and name!

  4. Doggles!? Whodathunk?

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