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Autumn sunset chez MC

Tonight, I took a break from a massive website project I’m working on and walked Boomerang. I was barely out the door, when I had to scoop him up and run back inside for my camera to capture this outstanding, beyond-beautiful and lovely autumn sky. As I snapped a few shots, something moving in the field below the view of my camera caught my eye. I stopped playing photog and peered into the dusky field and saw a hawk tearing something limb from limb. Again, I scooped Boomer up, ran inside, this time for my night-vision binoculars (seriously!) and ran back out to view him. I could see him clearly with the binocs — he (or she) was stunning. Much more massive than the Cooper’s Hawk I’ve seen here from time to time. A real barrel-type body. He was standing on the ground, and every minute or so would reach down to the earth and rip something with his beak and then I guess either chewed or swallowed. The whole time, he was watchful. Turning his head, this way and that. I’m sure he saw me, but I guess I was no threat. But then Boomer, who, to his credit had sat peacefully at my feet while I was captivated by the hawk, suddenly dashed up after a lizard or something in the grass. At that, the hawk lifted up in a flash and flew across the field. I got to watch him until he was out of sight. Honestly, I was grateful he had a good dinner; I tried not to think about what creature he was devouring — the law of the jungle, I guess. Or should I say, the law of my Walden.


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3 Responses to Autumn sunset chez MC
  1. Simply, lovely.. Just like you..

  2. You are still not getting poetry John just Stan.Keep enjoying MC.

  3. You guys are wicked funny — :)


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