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Healthy, not wealthy, and dumbfounded as a post

Just received my health insurance renewal forms for 2010. My health insurance plan is going up by over $30 a month. I already can’t afford it at $30 less.

I’m a fairly healthy woman — no health problems, no medications. My biggest downfalls are too many martinis and not enough exercise (however, my fingers are long and lean from hours at the keyboard).

So, here’s this week’s conundrum: cancel my health insurance and walk the wire of relative health with no safety net below me? Or continue forking over beaucoup dollars every month for a health plan I never, ever use except to have twice yearly dental visits?

Or put another way: Be broke but protected or be unprotected and have a bit of money left over each month to buy a bottle of eau de parfum or maybe the occasional pair of new shoes, both of which by the way, give me a better sense of physical and emotional well being than any health insurance premium or check up ever has?

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5 Responses to Healthy, not wealthy, and dumbfounded as a post
  1. If I read the 2k+ page Health Care Bill before the Senate correctly, you won’t get a choice in the near future. And, you will be paying more.

  2. try

    Humana one plans are the most affordable I have found for individuals.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Gary — I’m definitely looking into Humana.

  4. I wonder this all the time; I haven’t needed to visit the doctor in 5+ years –

  5. Well, my advice, Scott, is that you keep your health insurance — especially if any or all of it is employer-paid. As a freelancer/entrepreneur running my own business, it’s a challenge to buy single-employee coverage, but as several readers have pointed out to me, there are alternatives and i’m looking into them. But I overall think it’s better to stay covered. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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