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Christmas Chez Coolidge

Einstein thinks she's the best present under the tree!

Einstein thinks she's the best present under the tree!

Posted on December 23rd, 2009Comments RSS Feed
10 Responses to Christmas Chez Coolidge
  1. Merry Christmas to u and ur cat!!!!!!
    Hope it’s a fun one!

  2. Have a merry, merry Christmas, M.C.

  3. Scott — thanks; right back at you!

  4. JW — same to you, John, very merry and happy new year too.

  5. Where’s Boomer drinking egg nog?Enjoy the holidays MC and may 2010 be your best year yet.

  6. Mary, once again, you’ve come through for us by banding together friends and foes alike. You’ve been an inspiration, a friend and have kept us united through these hellish times we’ve all endured over the year. Your written words have kept our spirits high, have lifted our hearts, opened our minds, made us laugh, made us cry. Mary, you help keep the heart of Sarasota beating by keeping this blog for all of us to share our feelings, both good and bad. Mary, as we are drawing close to the end of yet another year, I wish you and all the people who’ve been loyal to this blog, the best of health, hapiness of this most joyous of seasons, no matter which religion you practice. May you all have a truly great New Year. Peace and love to all…Mary, Steve, John, Theresa, and the rest of Mary’s little family.

  7. Oh, Daniel — not sure I deserve such kind words — but thank you so much for visiting my little sphere of reality and for sharing your own thoughts and comments and opinions from time to time. wishing you all best for the new year! MC

  8. Maybe…..But I`m in love with Boomerang!

  9. Well, hey, Joan, thanks for visiting the blog and yes, Boomerang’s a great little fellow! Happy New Year!

  10. Where’s Coco?

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