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Yesterday, all day, I looked forward to the fun I had planned for last night. It’s something that had been on my calendar for quite some time … something I don’t do nearly often enough: I met up with some girlfriends and just talked and listened … and talked some more.

Was very fun to bring in the first week of the New Year with two of the smartest women I know south (and maybe even north) of the Mason-Dixon Line. These are the kind of women who know politics, know Sarasota, and know how to toss off the words “deus ex machina” in casual conversation.

We swapped stories about dating, marriage, careers, the economy, Alex Sink, New Year ambitions, and when the topic of ambition came up, I mentioned a quote from my newly acquired fun 2010 calendar — “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” (Hey, I didn’t write it, I just report it! — and you won’t believe who said that, by the way, Timothy Leary! … of course he was the same guy who infamously said “Turn on, tune in, drop out” or something to that effect.)

Anyway, it was two hours of fun — even though the topics were often serious — it’s hard not to have fun when you’re with two women you like and admire so much. Which brings me to another quote from my new, obviously highly quotable 2010 fun calendar: “In my friend, I find a second self.”

After I said goodnight to my friends, I drove home (don’t worry, I hadn’t had even one martini!) and when I went to bed, I dreamt of dancing. Dancing on a big floor crowded with people. Dancing a bit clumsily, with no partner, and feeling a bit self-conscious, but still with an admirable portion of abandon.

Dancing! Having fun! Even in my sleep!

Now that’s the kind of fun I’m talking about.

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6 Responses to Friendly fun
  1. Only a summa cum luade in English or her smart friends use the term
    deus ex machina in any conversation
    Friends definately make the difference between a good
    time and GREAT time
    that said…
    Get on with the zip line
    waiting to hear about a 40 mph trip through the trees:)

  2. well, they had to explain the Deus ex machina line to me … which they did!

  3. That’s good cause I’m a summa cum laude in biology and had to look it up

  4. Nevermind all of that Timothy Leary???Whoa….Okay MC I am dating myself but listen to a Legend of a Mind by the Moody Blues and you will hear all about Mr.Timothy Leary.Keep having fun with positve people and it will be a great year.Sleep well and pleasant dreams!

  5. Okay MC you were busting my chops about having fun at Siesta Key Beach since you have been there so many times…. but I saw this weekend a few folks jump in and swim in the frigid temps..I didn’t see you but I did see JP..Man talk about shrinkage……Hope you are having fun in this cold weather!What’s new?

  6. You were reading my mind — I just posted my blog from Friday which I’d accidentally “saved” instead of “published”!!!


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