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Fell off the fun wagon

Eek! Yesterday I fell off the fun wagon. I can’t even blame my fall on work. I had read about a lecture I wanted to go to — given by one of the Bielski brothers. If you missed the movie made about their efforts to save Jews during WWII — check out Defiance. It’s a really gripping story, sadly true — but truly inspirational about the power of defiance.

Anyway, I’d planned to go but needed a push to get out the door. I invited a couple of people but neither wanted to go. I could feel my energy waning with each no. I still thought about going — I’m used to doing things on my own, but when I realized the cost was $18, I immediately jumped on that cost as an excuse to not go.

I say excuse because, really, that’s what it was. I had the money — even though I’m trying to be cost-conscious, I could have sprung for the lecture if I’d wanted to. But I convinced myself that I shouldn’t spend $18 and so let myself off the hook for keeping to my new year resolution of having fun.

Now, I’m not saying a lecture about the subject matter of the Holocaust was “fun” per se. But the idea of getting out an hearing a lecture that wasn’t work-related would definitely have felt like fun and the whole idea of my New Year resolution was for me to quit my last-several-years lifestyle/reputation of being a stick-in-the-mud who always works and won’t spend any money on fun. Yuck. That behavior is so 2009.

So, I fell off the wagon on Thursday, January 7 — time to get back in the saddle again (okay, I’m mixing my metaphors but at least they all have to do with horses …).

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11 Responses to Fell off the fun wagon
  1. As I told you so many times MC “Carpe Diem”. That also means if it costs $$ and is worthwhile then $$ does NOT matter.If you live with that philosophy then no problems………………………………………………BTW I just read a tremendous book Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.What a masterpiece.Okay maybe not fun but a must read.!!!!

  2. PS .I recommend Defiance to all your readers..What a story!To see Daniel Craig … make one forget he was James Bond is unreal.It is a truly overlooked film!

  3. I’m quoting a Ymca trainer who undoubtedly
    is quoting someone else
    but it seems fitting for ur apparent early mid-life crisis/change who I am type behavior

    life is not how many breaths u take but how many moments that take ur breath away

    I agree with you
    get outside ur doors and live it up !!!
    Well maybe wait until the weather is a bit warmer
    then GO FOR IT !!! :)

  4. M.C. wrote: “time to get back in the saddle again (okay, I’m mixing my metaphors but at least they all have to do with horses …).”

    Giddyup, Girl…

  5. Go watch Mr.Ed reruns Johnny P.

  6. Reading your verbal sparring is actually fun! :)

  7. John is my Joe Frazier MC.Keep smiling!

  8. M.C. wrote, “Reading your verbal sparring is actually fun!”

    Don’t encourage the lad, M.C.

  9. Too late Johnny P.

  10. Hi Mary Catherine,

    Too bad you did not go out to hear the lecture. By the way I am sure that it cost $18 because that is a special number in Judaism. The hebrew word for life is Chai. If if add up the numbers that correspond to the two hebrew letters that compose Chai,10 and 8,you get 18.

    By the way, this is one event that you could have most likely got my Mom to accompany you to. :)


  11. Oh, interesting about the number 18. thanks for the explanation. i’m kicking myself since last thursday for not going!


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