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Saint Petersblog 2.0 blog links to little ‘ole MC

I just found out that Peter Schorsch’s St. Pete blog supplies a link to MC Reality Online. I appreciate the electronic shout out and invite my readers to check out Mr. Schorsch in return by visiting his Saint Petersblog

Schorsch is a controversial subject for some … you may want to check out

Posted on January 11th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Saint Petersblog 2.0 blog links to little ‘ole MC
  1. Yeah, I saw you on Florida This Week a month or so and thought you were the most charismatic of the group that night. I like that you inject a sense of humor and fun into your writing. My pleasure to add a link.

  2. Well, thanks again for including me on your site and for your sweet comments about FTW and my own blog. Good luck with yours and whatever else you’re working on.

  3. He also has angry white dude on his links!

  4. Maybe you can get unlinked?

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