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Late this afternoon, I knocked off work and went to the beach. It was not very crowded — which was super nice — and the water, the sand, and the sky all had a tranquility not often felt or seen, really. Sometimes the hubbub on the beach gets to me, but tonight was calm and a beautiful light was in the sky and in the water that reminded me of those certain European painters (I don’t know art well enough to remember just which ones) who captured light in the loveliest of ways.

The air had that special quality that I think is one of the reasons why this area was once called or marketed as “The Italy of America” for possessing light or maybe the essence of light similar to that country where so many master painters went to indulge their passion.

Anyway, I walked at a brisk pace for about 35 minutes and then indulged myself in nothingness. I took off my shoes and socks and walked in the water — it was pretty cold. I watched the sanderlings. I thought, really, about nothing. one-sanderling

I watched the sunset, something I’m often too busy or too preoccupied to do.

Then I came home. And, although fun of a quiet kind, it was still fun — to just be kind of still in my head. I think I need a bit more of that.


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7 Responses to Fun in the sun
  1. Rien de mieux qu’un coucher de soleil à la plage! !!!!!!

  2. I told you so.It never gets old …Continued Carpe Diem MC!

  3. You’re right, Steve!

  4. I turn to see my footprints in the sand.
    The tide will sweep them clean.
    As if, I’d never been.

  5. Funny, JW — last night I was literally making footprints in the sand — or at least trying to. they seemed so vague and disappeared nearly as soon as i’d made them. it was an odd sensation — kind of gave me that kundera-esque “lightness of being” feeling…..

  6. Meditating without trying to meditate often is the best kind.

  7. You’re right, Gary — thanks for visiting the blog!


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