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MC in Sarasota Magazine — making New Year Resolutions for Everyone Else!

In the current (January) issue of Sarasota Magazine — I’m featured, along with attorney Morgan Bentley, Asolo Rep artistic producing director Michael Donald page-1Edwards, Argus Foundation director Kerry Kirschner, comedian Les McCurdy, and arts critic Richard Storm, and Bob Plunket, Sarasota’s own version of Dominick Dunne — in Pam Daniel’s “New Year’s Resolutions We Can Believe In” column.

In it, we all try to be funny and smart — to varying degrees of success and cruelty! — in telling other people what they should be shooting for and focusing on in 2010 — folks like Art Nadel, Facebook users, Charlie Crist, Sarah Palin, city manager Bob Bartolotta, and more.

I thought I was a little meanie until I met the rest of my esteemed panelists — these guys don’t even think about pulling their punches (or their punchlines)!page-2

Check it out at — or pick up a copy on newsstands today.

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9 Responses to MC in Sarasota Magazine — making New Year Resolutions for Everyone Else!
  1. 12. For the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    “Coolidge: To hire a local female weekly columnist. (Pick me! Pick me!)” Oh, but you are such a shameless self-promoter (Which, I just happen to admire.).

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely shameless! 😉 But, c’mon — the Sarasota Herald Tribune has several male columnists — and except for the “society” columnist, Heather Dunhill … nary a female columnist!

    They do have some female editorial writers, so that’s good …

  3. Think Bigger !!! You’re better than the columnists in the Sarasota paper,
    NY Times !!!!!!!!!

  4. Although Grimes is occasionally very funny!

  5. J’aime votre écriture. Il a fait ma journée alittle brillant et me donne généralement un rire ou sourire

  6. Alors, merci encore. C’est tres gentil et je l’apprecie.

  7. Votre mère at-faire à la maison? Si oui, elle a fait comme les nouveaux meubles?

  8. La table? Elle l’a bien aimee!


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