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In the dark
The crows assemble

Unhunching shoulders
With glossy shrugs,
Beaks sussing out
Some unwelcome things
Among them.

Half-opening wings,
Not preening
Just quiet fluffing
And subtle shiftings
Of weight;
Almost imperceptible shufflings
In the order of things.

Readying themselves;
Maybe steadying,

For day and light
Then flight.

Copyright 2010 MC Coolidge

Posted on January 23rd, 2010Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Crows
  1. Just wait until you get one in your garage and it won’t leave.
    You’ll have more than poetic words about crows!!!

  2. I just have to ask.. What “Some unwelcome things
    Among them.” are there ?

  3. Now, Johnnie boy, what kind of poet would I be if I tried to explain a poem!?

    But, naturally, every poet longs to (even if they resist).

    More than those two non-answers, here’s my real answer. I’m more than appreciative that you even took the time to read the poem. Thanks.

    I hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. Johnnie boy is getting on my nerves MC.:-)GRRRRRRRRRR again.


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