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I may be stuck at my computer … but the squirrel outside is having fun trying to break into the bird feeder.


First, he climbs to the nearby tree and chirps a lot and flits his tail back and forth. He jumps down and around and then back up again. Then … he makes the leap.


Ah, sweet reward.


The poor little bugger didn’t get much though … he had a tough time clinging to the plastic bubble protector (he did manage to get some food before falling off, though!).

Posted on January 26th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Squirrelly fun
  1. Think of that
    little squirrel climbing up then falling off
    over and over and over again
    all to get that little reward
    Now think of all of us little hamsters
    in our 72 degree cages , spinning our wheels over and over again
    all to get that little reward.
    I envy the squirrel today , it looks beautiful outside my cage!!
    funny how human life mimics nature!

  2. What happened to your 3 bodyguards Boomer,Coco and Einstein?Mr.Squirrel should not have been so close if the the overeater’s cat club were doing their job!

  3. my three bodyguards are in EXCELLENT shape!! 😉

  4. I see, there’s a voyeuristic sadist streak for squirrels in you.. And, here I thought you were 100% Sugar and Spice, and everything nice..

    When I lived in Apollo Beach some years back, I would ride around the property in my golf cart and stop to hand feed my little squirrel-friends. One always insisted to sit on the roof and cautiously take the peanut from my fingers (I figured that if he couldn’t see me below, it was safe in his mind). And, another one would sit beside me on the bench seat and munch away. That one turned out to be a very good listener.

  5. there’s a young squirrel who has started approaching me when i go out to feed the birds. i’ve been slowly coaxing him closer with the lure of peanuts.

    he listens too…. 😉


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