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Saints Sing that Superbowl

Okay, so the moment when Porter intercepted that ball — that was sheer gorgeousness. I got confused thinking that the person throwing the ball was on the Saints team (I always get confused. I’ve had many conversations with sports fans saying that I think pitchers should throw to their own batters; it’s hard to keep track). Okay, maybe harder with three drinks under my belt (and no, I’m NOT apologizing for the two sheets to the wind post).

Anyway, Porter’s run was so UNbelievably sexy when, right after he intercepted — he’s running down the field, and so subtly you could have almost missed it, he signals a teammate, I think, with just a pointed finger. Like he was telling him where he was going — but it was so fluid, so lovely, so sure and confident.

I just thought it was beauty in motion.

And the touchdown wasn’t half bad either.

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19 Responses to Saints Sing that Superbowl
  1. I need a foot massage………………….I can see you are a real fan MC..Yikes………Don’t drink and blog next time…hahahahaha Hopefully you will feed the cats tonight!

  2. i know! i know! no ‘bibing and blogging….. but tonight was an exception. and yes, i fed the cats!

  3. That’s why women and men should watch the game in separate rooms!!!
    All i saw was 7 pts for New Orleans
    and Game Over!!!!!!
    Yes , watching him point to that endzone and say “here I come”
    was Great!!!

  4. I think Dick Lobo was a great quarterback tonight MC don’t ya think?

  5. okay, make fun of me all you want, but just remember … i called this a couple of weeks ago! :) smart MC! even if i do get the quarterback confused with which team’s he’s on. oh well.

  6. Oh yes you predicted it MC.OYE …..You really know your stuff like Perkins knows comedy..

  7. You know I saw the replays MC and it WAS sheer gorgeousness.I think the Saints also had such sexy uniforms too.Thye were all beauties in motion .Gee I hope I sleep tonight:-)

  8. Steve, you are a MEANIE to make fun of a poor infatuated Saints fan!!!!!

  9. I hope u liked my run into the endzone
    I was pointing to you MC
    saying “this ones for u girl”
    yes it was beauty in motion
    Hey gotta get back to the party

  10. Thanks for watching MC
    I don’t throw many interceptions but
    I will tell Peyton that you liked that pass!
    Gotta party ,Early Mardi Gras here!!

  11. I was pointing up to you MC after I caught that ball saying
    “going to run this ball in the endzone for you girl”
    hope you enjoyed it

  12. oh, gosh, golly, gee. porter and mr. brees. i couldn’t be MORE honored that you are visiting my humble blog site than if you were skippy himself.

  13. Ms. Coolidge,
    it’s my pleasure to take this opportunity to just say
    Thanks, for watching the NFL tonight
    I too thought that Dree Brees threw the interception.
    Wow , we think alike!
    Don’t tell Michelle.
    Ok, back to the White House
    having a late night snack
    Pb and j

  14. Nite MC
    what’s in a name any how!

  15. Ah, the Major Man, himself. Well, thanks Mr. O — I’m glad I wasn’t the only one tipping the S.B. bottle back a little too much. Of course, I make that mistake when I’m stone cold sober — so, um, what’s your excuse!? Still, thanks for reading … . Always glad to have a reader in the W.H. Hope you’re staying warm.

  16. Meanie me????Wait until you find out that Drew Brees voted for W!Hope you had alot of coffee today and fed the cats?:-)

  17. John W. Perkins
    February 8, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Too bloody funny you guys.. Shame I was way off on the points spread.

  18. John you will always be a winner with us!

  19. Ok ok…. had I not broken my ankle during that last play with the Saints, I would have run the ten yards and dropped, instead of throwing the ball and the game….


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