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Super Bowl Party for one … make that four!

So, I’m here at home … making some flatbread pizza with shitake ‘shrooms and goat cheese. For the cats — Einstein, Boomer, and Coco — some chicken I bought at Morton’s.

Just watched NY-born Queen Latifa belt it out. Followed by some white chick from somewhere out west. What? They couldn’t get some N’Awlins singer?

And … YES! The Saints have snagged the coin toss.

I think this qualifies as fun!

Posted on February 7th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to Super Bowl Party for one … make that four!
  1. John W. Perkins
    February 7, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I wish I was there with catnip and chardonay.

  2. Oh, gosh, that’s a great idea. I’m going to give my cats some catnip! They go crazy for it. And, I admit … no martinis tonight, but I am having a glass, um, make that two, glasses of Sauvignon Blanc!


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