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Quit ya whinin’!

Sheesh. Last night after I posted my “woe is me, I don’t got no fun” blog, I realized what a whiner I’ve turned into about this whole “365 days of fun” thing I got myself into for my New Year’s Resolution.

So, I’m going to quit whining about how I’ve frickin’ lost my mojo, or juju, or ya-ya, or whatever the hell it is and JUST DO IT.

I’m not going to write again — about fun, at least — until I’ve actually had some. But, contrary to some urgings from some readers — I’m NOT going to change my goal of what type of fun I’m hankering for. I keep getting advice both online and in person from people who say “just enjoy every day”, “appreciate the little things” — yada, yada, yada. So, just let me explain: I have a LOT of that kind of fun. I’m a person who truly enjoys just watching birds chowing down at the feeder, and gets a kick out of standing on the beach watching the ocean waves on a windy day. I did a project in my mom’s yard last week involving clearing out weeds, putting down fabric, then putting down a gravel bed — and that was a lot of fun, actually. Good, clean (well, actually kind of dirty) fun.

I don’t have a problem at all having EVERYDAY fun — but I’m very much missing BIG fun in my life. It seems like ever since my divorce (heck, maybe ever since my wedding day), I just haven’t had a lot of BIG fun — and my life used to be about a lot of BIG GOOFY TRUTH OR DARE kind of fun like — balancing my butt on the big steel link ropes that surround the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees while wearing a crazy-short black dress and ridiculously high heels; or clambering up a statue of a lion at which bridge I can’t quite recall along the Seine and trying to get a photo of myself on the lion’s back; romantic walks around Harvard Square; fascinating talks — for hours — over coffee in Cafe Pamplona in Cambridge; dancing till drenched in sweat at Wally’s in Roxbury; skiing (well, falling, mostly) on the mountains of New Hampshire; going to parties where people dressed up and acted out and wouldn’t be caught dead striking a pose for the paparazzi of the local pubs; hiking the back of Squaw Peak mountain in Phoenix in 100+ temperatures; kicking back at 4 p.m., on a Friday afternoon and tossing back cheap beer with coworkers and talking about everything and nothing at the same time — with people who actually had the time to just sit and drink and talk, and most importantly, people who were funny and knew how to really laugh.

So, you see — I’ve had years of having fun in the little ways — still very important — of every day. But I want to recapture a bit of the hilarity and blow-out fun I had in the years before my life took the very disappointing turn of a marriage that went south almost from day one and a divorce that whipped my butt emotionally, followed by years of trying to get myself back on track financially and professionally.

When I say I want fun — it doesn’t mean I’m not pretty damn happy every day — it just means that I want a bunch of fun days and nights — I want to get my pre-marriage, post-divorce MC MOJO back.

But, because I’m probably boring all of my readers as much as I am myself, at least I’ll quit whining for you all!

I’ll JUST DO IT. And report back here as the fun plays out.

Thanks for all the encouraging notes … I’ll keep you posted!

Posted on February 12th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Quit ya whinin’!
  1. Sounds like you’re overdue for some really big spontaneous fun that most people don’t even realize they are missing.. So, at your first opportunity, c’mere and take a walk on the wild side !

  2. She wants BIG FUN not to be with a guy who pulls his nose and ear hairs out everyday!BTW MC I finally get your drift.

  3. You are definately going to have to leave this city MC
    Do It!!!
    u could hook up with the Sarasota Ski Club
    they go everywhere ,Great group
    and most important, they’re
    people looking for a Fantastic Get-away!!!
    I agree with u
    You are talking way too much about fun when the opportunity is right there in front of u
    I originally wanted to find ur site because I liked ur humorous style of writing .
    Now I think you’ve dug some sort of hole and no longer do things seem all that fun or funny.
    you cannot rekindle those old experiences
    you are a different person
    hoping u find ur Mojo soon!!!!!!

  4. P.S. Don’t let Steve tag along..

  5. Steve is tagging along to keep an eye on you and to have another oxygen tank for you in case of an emergency!


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