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Sarasota Observer “Slice of the City” Column Helps Stray Kitty

The local newspaper, Sarasota Observer runs a weekly column titled “Slice of the City” with snippets and highlights about Sarasota and its residents. The paper’s Community Editor Loren Mayo took note of my Stray Kitty story and ran a brief article and photo about the adorable stray kitten who has been living in my carport.

Read the story on the Observer’s site (see link below) — and if you’re so motivated, leave a reader comment on the Observer’s site letting them know you appreciate their attention to this story — which will only help those 60,000 some-odd stray cats in Sarasota County! The paper must hear about a gazillion stories of the city every week and I really appreciate them noticing this one and trying to help the little guy!

Here’s the article on the Sarasota Observer website — or check it out in today’s issue of the paper on newsstands now (page 16).

He's famous now!!!

He's famous now!!!

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15 Responses to Sarasota Observer “Slice of the City” Column Helps Stray Kitty
  1. Remember I thought it was all in the name
    whether or not he would be adopted.
    See if u can get them to reprint the article with the name
    Domino or Boots
    by now you and that cat have already bonded
    I think your gonna have to start saying
    4 and no more!
    Have a Great Friday!
    Even Neg Nate says TGIF!!!!

  2. MC, you need to be his mom. He already knows you, and he came to you for a reason. I can attest – 4 isn’t any more work than 3, but 4 is more love.

  3. Negative Nate..Take the kitty and you will be a hero Little Boots will love you and can comfort you when you have stress ………………. Think about it an become a mensch for once,

  4. Come on Cooper you surely must know someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I do believe he came to me for a reason, Karen — I’ll be posting more about that later today. Thanks so much for reading the blog!

  6. John W. Perkins
    March 13, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    He came to you M.C. because you radiate kitty Love..

  7. And you radiate *&^%$#@ John!I was going to say Kitty Litter but that would not be so nice and I don’t want to be like Neg.Nate!

  8. Steve ,
    there is a mitzvah in this if u adopt that little salt and pepper shaker of a cat!
    Think of it,
    one less thing for you to feel bad about on Yom Kipper!
    MC will love u for it
    Do it
    It’s the right thing to do!

  9. Double N,
    No can do in my condo so I’ll try and be a mensch in other ways:-)

  10. Ok
    2nd option
    fall in love with our moderator
    and inturn
    you will be adopting the cat
    I know it seems like quite a stretch
    But I’m sure by now
    All the training is done
    MC’s that is!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding MC!
    Don’t edit me:)

  11. You are playing with fire Double N…:-)

  12. Surely someone who writes humor must
    have a great sense of humor in person
    Nothing to fear Steve
    Harmless like a lost kitten

  13. You missed the smiling face Double N.I was joking about MC getting mad..Have fun:-)Oh yeah I was the class clown although with some of my humor you wouldn’t think so :-)

  14. PS. Double N…….We call it busting chops in NJ!

  15. MC ,
    there must be something wrong with my computer.
    It won’t let me update new blogs
    Mine is stuck on 11 Mar

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