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Is Channel 7 Sarasota Absolutely Bonkers … Cheap … or …

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… just a bunch of disloyal jerks?

I mean, really, how low is to not renew Heidi Godman’s contract? I’d like to know their reasoning … .

Apparently her last day is April 24. Here’s the news blurb from Florida News Center.

“Sources now confirm to Florida News Center that veteran WWSB anchor Heidi Godman is leaving the Sarasota station. As FNC reported earlier today, rumor said that the station notified her last Friday that her contract would not be renewed. She will stay at the station through the end of April. She joined WWSB in 1988 and has worked her way up to anchor and then to main anchor.”

Why do I have a sinking feeling the station is going to go out and hire some young reporter they can get for a song? Why can’t Channel 7 see what its viewers see (though, surely, they will lose viewers — comme moi — by this ridiculous letting go of a seriously great on-air reporter and anchor) — that Godman is one of the main reasons to tune in to that station in the first place. Along with Monica Yadav, Scott Dennis, and the weather guys.

Big, big mistake.

Hey — does anyone want to sign a petition to send to the station to wake them up before it’s too late?

UPDATE: You can read follow up posts and read viewers comments at the following link:

So long Heidi Godman Shame on you Channel 7

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21 Responses to Is Channel 7 Sarasota Absolutely Bonkers … Cheap … or …
  1. John W. Perkins, the Magnificent
    April 16, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    It’s probably just simple economics.

    And, you’re going to see a lot more of it over the next few years.

  2. I say start a petition MC as it can’t hurt.She does a terrific job and like JP said it probably is a matter of economics.Let’s give it a try?

  3. Stan Zimmerman
    April 16, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Stan’s TV News Rule #12: New management means somebody gets axed just to let the rest of the staff know there’s a new boss.

    A TV news director looked me in the eye one day and said, “You’re just meat. You go bad and I replace you. Easy.”

    If you think the print journo racket is in the toilet, the local TV news racket is already down the pipe and into the sewer plant.

  4. Thanks for weighing in, Stan. It’s just so disappointing. I mean, really. WHEN/WHERE WILL IT STOP? How in the hell are people going to get real news? I’m a blogger but I don’t believe the blogosphere and online reporting can come close to delivering the news that people need, should, and want to know. Good grief.

  5. […] Via MC Coolidge: ABC 7 anchor Heidi Godman’s contract with the station expires at the end of April, and it […]

  6. Believe me this is the tip of a much larger iceberg…from what I’ve heard they haven’t even really had a news director since kay miller left last year. It is a sinking ship.

  7. I work at the station and today is Heidi’s last…EVERYONE thinks this is a major mistake made by people who shouldn’t be making decisions..some of whom will hopefully be gone soon as well

  8. Hey, thanks to Tabby and Anonymous for weighing in with news on the news. I’m very disappointed to see Heidi go.

  9. Rumor has it that if she actually would do some work. She only worked 2 hours per day. Hmmm maybe they would have renewed her contract. Bye Heidi and good riddance. Now if we can get ABC News 7 to actually report the news instead of the cooking in the morning!! This is the first step in the right direction. It’s time to step it up ABC News 7!!!!

  10. I understand that she was hard to work with, very demanding, but she was an excellent anchor and reporter. They need to look at another one of their anchors, who is not a natural on air. Agree with Lola, take the cooking off!!! More news.

  11. Lola — and Wondering — thanks to you both for visiting the blog and posting a comment. I do agree with you both on the point about not so much loving the cooking segments. I think a little bit is okay, but not excessively. I do think the Judi G., woman seems like a great cook though. Very natural.

  12. I have read all the replies and could not AGREE more that Heidi was one of the best people Ch.40 ever had. I am so ssorry for Monica. Does anyone know where she will go. It will certainly be their gain. I thought she was great.

  13. Heidi Godman was something special…her voice, her looks, her ability to phrase expertly what ever story she was reporting. Perhaps more impotant her heart. She once interviewed me at the new Memorial Hospital Rehab facility on Clark road. As a sailor recuperating from open heart surgery I had developed a series of excersizes to improve my balance and get my sea legs back. At the end of the interview I asked her “…well, any more questions.” She said “yes, one more thing…will you give me a hug?”. I did. What a sweet compassionate lady.

    ABC Channel 7 it’s your loss as well as ours.
    This new blond lady (the one with the hair carefully flaired on her chest), does not have the same appeal to me. In all fairness though, it’s early and maybe in time she will relax and develope a special style of her own.

  14. thanks for reading the blog and posting a comment Ray C. that’s a very nice story about the hug ….

  15. jane hanrahan
    May 22, 2010 at 7:15 am

    channel 7 has made a terrible mistake in not renewing heidi godman’s contract. if you hear of a petition to bring her back please let me know and i certainly will add my signature. also, i looked forward to bob plunkett, the real estate junkie on wednesday noon news. he had a heart attack and apparently has been let go also. two of my main reasons for watching 7 news are gone.

  16. Thanks for visiting the site, Jane H, and for commenting. You’re not alone — many people have commented on this post and others about what a mistake it was to lose Heidi. I’m not sure if Bob P., will be coming back or not — I hope so.

  17. not watching any more. don’t like change. don’t want to view a wanta be movie star to get my news. i wish you the best heidi!!! dick miles on siesta key

  18. Dick — I’m with you on the whole thing change. I don’t mind change, but I feel that the station anchor staff was so respected and well-loved, it’s kind of shocking they would want or need to change that! Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting.

  19. We very much enjoyed seeing and listening to Heidi Godman on the air broadcasting the news.
    We are sad to see her leave and wish her well. It never ceases to amaze me how TV stations sever ties with many of their anchors and/or key broadcastors over apparant disputes and we,
    the viewing audience, are left disappointed and often frustrated. It really sucks!

    Bob & Pat Agnew

  20. It’s more than a year now since Heidi exited ‘stage-wrong’ …. still miss her – what a loss ! The month long celebration of the 25th annivry of Bob & Scott was hard to stomach. I know one of them personally(very nice and well deserving),they are both assets without a doubt. But, is it that ‘men age more gracefully’ ? Or some other underlying reason why you have to replace a beautiful, ‘looks great’ woman, with a bouncy California-style gal with no experience (except, Don B better watch out – she knows sports Very well and could be sportscaster in a blink). Heidi had more than 20 yrs with the station – so, I guess the message they were trying to send was ‘ we have no loyalty, anyone can be replaced, we will save money if we let you go’ – WOW! big surprize (not).

  21. I turned off the noon news today, after 5 minutes and was remembering how enjoyable it was when Ken Jefferson was the anchor. I really miss him, Heidi and Monica. Such a shame…


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