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Girls’ Night Out — Coolidge talks Camaraderie in today’s Sarasota Herald Tribune

When the working day is done, oh, girls, they wanna have fun … girls just wanna have fun.” — Cyndi Lauper

Photo courtesy of the Sarasota Herald Tribune website

Photo courtesy of the Sarasota Herald Tribune website

I couldn’t agree more. Hell, I want to have fun even before the working day begins … .

The Sarasota Herald Tribune TICKET is running a piece I wrote about how girls can have fun in the Sarasota area — in and out of the bars. The piece is running in today’s paper, the TICKET section on page 4E — it’s the cover story, actually — whoo hoo!.

You can read the story here: From Bar Hopping to Kayaking, It’s All About Camaraderie.

If you like the story, or have any comments about additional things women can do together for an evening (or even a day) out on the town, either leave a comment on the H-T site, or come back here and comment.

Coincidentally, I’m actually going out tonight for a mini-kind-of-brief girls’ night out … just meeting up with a great girlfriend to chat over a glass of wine — however short it is, it still counts! Whoo Hoo, can’t wait for this workin’ day to be done.

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