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New News Director at ABC Channel 7 (WWSB-tv)

Looks like there’s a new news director at Channel 7 — Gene Ross; apparently he starts on June 15. wwsb

Ross has a rep for improving ratings — something I imagine Channel 7 is struggling with right now after all the contretemps — reported earlier on this site — with Heidi Godman and Monica Yadav being let go from the station, etc. Let’s hope this new guy can balance things out and restore positive feelings among station workers and the viewing public.

I’ve been very surprised by the number of people still writing to me and still commenting on stories posted weeks and weeks ago about Channel 7 — so clearly people care about the station, the local news, and particularly about Heidi and Monica. If you’ve got anything to add — feel free to post a blog comment here!

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3 Responses to New News Director at ABC Channel 7 (WWSB-tv)
  1. I’m not sure where you found Josh Taylor – but I am no longer watching ABC 7 in the morning because of him! Please please find someone with a personality that smiles once in a while! You are hurting your ratings with this new line-up!

  2. Loyal viewer, huh? Josh has been there for close to eight years. He has a wonderful personality and is loved by many in the community.

  3. Josh Taylor is a great guy. He came to ABC 7 as a news photographer in the early days and worked hard and proved himself to head up the South Division news. The reality is, ( and he knew it) Photogs are more and more being forced to do stand up as well. The only way out of this is to dump the video and go to the desk. His heart is in the right place and he is one who truely cares what he does. I only wish everyone knew just 1/16th of the garbage that has gone on in that station. Trust me, you would think twice about “your local station, that cares”. As for the new News Director, don’t look for anything special. Not because of him, they have hacked that station down to so few employees it is amazing you get “what” you get, now.

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