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Best blogger and braggin’ ’bout it!

What a great way to start a long weekend. Sarasota Magazine editor Pam Daniel let me know the wall plaque recognizing me as “Best Blogger 2010” — according to the magazine’s Readers Poll earlier this year — was ready and waiting for me to pick it up at her office.

So I swung by, said hello, and swung back out again, plaque in hand and huge smile on my face. scan-2

Say I’m a big dork. Go ahead. But it made my day. Just something fun — and meaningful at the same time. It means a lot to me that Sarasota Magazine readers and readers of this blog voted for me in the blogging category. It means a lot that people enjoy the blog and cared enough to take the time to cast a vote.

Plus, it’s just plain fun!!!

Wishing everyone a super fabulous Fourth!

Posted on July 2nd, 2010Comments RSS Feed
7 Responses to Best blogger and braggin’ ’bout it!
  1. I’ve always felt you were the best of anything and everything else..

    Going over to Texas to take possesion my next sailing vessel, tomorrow..

    It should be an excellent weekend..

    Unless, I sink the thing..


  2. Why, thank you kind sir!

    Good luck with the sailing vessel … and be safe and have fun!

  3. Stan Zimmerman
    July 3, 2010 at 10:49 am

    MC: Big congrats to you! It takes passion, patience and the ability to live on a meagre budget to be a writer these days. You clearly have all three. My many hats are off to you! s/StanZ

  4. Thanks Stan, for reading the blog and posting a comment — especially such a nice one! I hope you saw my blog of a few days ago — about the Florida Press Awards you and the Pelican Press won — my congrats right back to you!


  5. Is this Deja Vu
    or didn’t we just congratulate u
    last month
    you are the bomb, baby!!!!!

    Happy Independence Day!!!!!
    Hopefully this year you will find
    true love and codependence!

  6. Well, no need to congratulate me, Scott. But you’re right, I did post in late April that I’d won the award, and now I was just updating readers about the plaque I received from the magazine — the kind you see in restaurants and bars, etc. Was just a hoot for me to see my name on the cover with “winner” — just fun, so I blogged about it.

    Thanks for the second thanks.

    And for the good wishes for the year.

    Same right back to you.

  7. Well deserved for such a class act!

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