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Show & Tell — give “don’t ask/don’t tell” the bum’s rush

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is such a dumbo, lowest-kind-of-thinking (or rather unthinking) policy, there are, literally, no depths to plumb on the issue.

I mean, I’m sure I don’t really have to say this … BUT if you’d let a gay guy save your life in the hospital emergency room (yes, gays perform surgery!) or if you’ll let a gay woman pilot that next flight to Detroit — taking your life in her very hands — then why would you stop at letting gays put their lives on the line for this country? And, anyway, WHO CARES WHAT CONSENTING ADULTS DO IN THE BEDROOM?!

When you’ve got suburban moms talking openly about getting the bum-rush from their husbands, what’s the difference if gays do it? How you have sex does not determine your ability to fight next to your fellow military men and women.

Despite that reality, there are scads of people who support Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. So, those of us who oppose it (that would be me for sure) need to stand up and tell the power-shakers and policy-makers what we believe in and want for our country’s fighting men and women.

In May, the U.S. House and the Senate Armed Services Committee both voted to add repeal of DADT to the National Defense Authorization Act. The bill now awaits action in the full Senate. If you believe, like I do, that DADT is as asinine as Britney Spears or BP f’n up our gulfs and oceans, then send a message NOW to your senator and tell him or her (or himer) to REPEAL DADT NOW!

Check out this link for more information:

The bottom line is this — if you want to change this stupid, small-minded law — do something NOW.

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5 Responses to Show & Tell — give “don’t ask/don’t tell” the bum’s rush
  1. Mry, neither link worked? But say, I’m 100% with you on this.
    Mary, we need to re-build the ideology’s of this Country, before it’s too late. We need to re-build, block-by-block.
    This week, I changed my party afiliation to “Independent” – non-partisan. I’m so tired of what’s going on with this Country. The Government bailed out the banks, provided them with billions. The banks were paid out through the Troubled Asset Relief Program – (TARP), and instead of using this money to provide permanent mortgage modifications, they – (JP Morgan Chase), used this money to provide their CEO’s with the largest cash bonuses in banking history, gave their employees a 10% wage increase. Governments support the DADT program, when the economy was good, we welcomed illegal immigrants with open arms to perform the labor our texting teens refuse to do. Now, the economy is in the shi_ _ er. So now, we’re telling the immigrans; “it’s time to go home”. Drivers are saying it’s perfectly acceptable to run a red light and perhaps kill, or maim another driver, but it’s not ok to put up red cameras to catch them. Mary…. what the heck is going on?

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the fact that the links weren’t working, Dan. I’ve corrected them!

    I’m thinking of declaring as an Independent too!

    It’s a bit of a crazy world, right now, Dan. I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all myself.

  3. MC,

    Why is it that my little sex column always seems dirtier when you reference it? :) Great article. Thanks for sharing the message of tolerance.

    Theresa Rose
    Embarrassed “Sex and the Suburbs” Columnist

  4. You know, Theresa, I heard from some of my own readers about your column — they were kind of shocked. But my thing is — whatever works for consenting adults is okay in my book; I told someone yesterday “So what?” It’s not like she’s the only woman or they’re the only couple doing that, or fantasizing about it, or whatever. Suburban moms and married dads and gays in the military — who cares what they do???? I guess I’m tired of America’s obsession with all things sex in the abstract, but then their puritanical streak when someone’s sexual in the specific. I.e., it’s okay to sexualize little girls in pageants; it’s okay for women to get breast implants and butt lifts to “look” more sexual, and it’s okay to advertise four-hour erections on television, but um, it’s not okay to talk about gays and the kind of sex they have or talk about so-called “taboos” of hetero sex — of which there are NONE anymore really.

    Now, it’s one thing to do it, another to write about it, and still another to read it. And personally, while I wouldn’t do the first two, I would read about it — because it’s your column and I know you and I can consider the context of the column itself — married sex in suburbia. But at every junction each individual has the right to choose to do, to write, and to read. If you don’t like the activity, don’t do it yourself. If you don’t like to read about it, don’t read it, either.

    Anyway, enough of my rant. Thanks for reading my blog and for commenting — and you know what? I’m not sure you have any reason to be embarrassed — It’s a frickin’ SEX COLUMN. People shouldn’t read it if they don’t like it. yes, it was awfully graphic and the subject matter is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the ideas behind it (whoops, no pun intended)? They’re yours — and probably a lots of people who share the opinions/ideas/sense of humor/poking fun – whoops there’s another pun! –at sex and sexuality.

    Besides — there’s never been an aspiring or established writer who didn’t embarrass him or herself at some point. Oh, except maybe anonymous writers. :)

  5. MC,

    Thanks for such a thoughtful response!! I totally agree with your assessment of our nation’s hypocrisy when it comes to sex. People read a column called “Sex and the Suburbs”, then they get their knickers in a twist when I actually write about sex?! Duh. How boring would it be if I wrote about the ten-pump, lights-off, missionary-style tango that the puritans want us to believe they do? BTW, this last column garnered the most positive feedback I’ve ever gotten. People LOVED it. Guess I’ll keep writing about the juicy stuff!

    Take care, and quote me whenever you want! Like you, I like to shake things up a bit. :)


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