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Veg-ging out is in

I went to a relatively new restaurant in Sarasota a couple of weeks back — Veg. It’s a vegetarian and seafood kind of place; located in a little strip mall right across from the Gulf Gate Mall (2164 Gulf Gate Drive). veg-sarasota

Very relaxed, casual, but has a sweet, clean, and upscale kind of tone to the restaurant. Sometimes with vegetarian places, you get the relaxed and almost too-casual vibe and little attention is paid to the tone or experience. But at this place, Veg — has a really nice vibe — I liked it a lot. It’s even got a tiny little bar area where if you just want a bite to eat solo, you can perch on a stool and munch in solitude (relative!).

I particularly like the entrance — I know that sounds funny, but it just looks so welcoming. See the bench and the blackboard with the day’s specials? I like that. veg-menu

My food was excellent. I had a veggie burger that was so tasty I am still hankering for another one. I’d like to go back in the evening and try the portabello volcano (marinated portobello topped with caramelized onions and garlic mashed taters with spinach — this sound SERIOUSLY YUMMY!!). You can check their menu online — it’s got lots of great stuff.

I took a take-home menu and it says that the owners are the Glucklich family — I believe the husband is from South Africa; and I met the wife and the daughter the day I was there. The hours are Tuesday through Sunday 11-230 pm for lunch. For dinner it’s Tuesday – Thursday 5 to 8 pm and Friday and Saturday until 9 pm.

I strongly prefer supporting local, especially family-owned, restaurants, and this place really hit the spot after I’d been on a Sunday morning hike (as much as a hike as you can get in the flatlands of Sarasota). I’m definitely going back.

Anyway — it’s a fabulous little find, and I recommend it. I doubt they’d remember me, but if you go, feel free to tell them you heard about their restaurant on my blog.

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  1. Gee MC maybe we can start our little get together there and stumble to all the other neat little places at Gulf Gate…I can’t wait for our little blog party before the summer’s end?:-)

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