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MC on the radio today Friday July 30 4:15

New local radio host, Sherman L. Baldwin, has invited me to come on his program today for my fifteen minutes (literally) of fame. He hosts a program called Talk Sarasota — 1280 AM on the radio dial (WTMY), or streaming to your computer at (though I have noticed the streaming seems spotty). Callers are welcome — and I hope people call in! The show runs from 3 to 6 pm, but I’ll only be on from 415 to 430 — that’s today — the studio line is 954.1280.

Baldwin seems like a fairly strong conservative — debate

— this week he’s been spending quite a bit of time focused on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Kind of surprising that he wants me on his show, since I’m not exactly conservative in my politics — previous guests have included Florida Guv Charlie Crist, US Senate hopeful Marco Rubio, and Sarasota’s very own Mayor Kelly Kirschner.

Topics are going to be (though you never know if we’ll stick with them) the District 70 race between Nancy Feehan and Doug Holder, Sarasota County’s “Job Creation Property Tax Exemption” referendum to go on the August 24 ballots, and Sarasota’s Interim Police Chief Holloway.

Call in and give your opinion about these topics or anything else burning up your brain waves!

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4 Responses to MC on the radio today Friday July 30 4:15
  1. Well how was your 15 minutes of fame MC?Hope all went well!

  2. I listened to the interview/discussion and thought you were very well informed,topical and made some good points.I think you would make a superb talk show host I think you could create an avid listener base in short order.You have a real nice radio voice,energy and personality for it also.

  3. Well, wow. Thanks Robert — for reading the blog and and listening to the show and for all the super nice words of encouragement.

    Maybe I’ll give Sirius a shout. 😉


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