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My date with Nimrod

As I reported last week, I went up to St. Pete to watch the Yankees lose 2-3 against the Rays. What I didn’t tell you was that, while I was supposed to be on a date with the man sitting next to me — yup, that one, the one who’d paid for the tickets, brought hand-made sandwiches and martinis in a giant thermos, yes, that kind-hearted, thoughtful soul, — I was really on a date with A-Rod, aka Alex Rodriguez, aka #13 for the Yankees.

Or at least it must have seemed that way to my “real” date. Because, all I did whenever Nimrod was up to bat, was snap photos of him — trying to capture him hitting his 600th home run.


I don’t know why I bothered. My date (a Rays fan but still I think he was being honest) told me that Nimrod has fessed up to using “performance enhancing” drugs. Like Viagra, I asked? Um, no, my date explained, the guy from the Evil Empire (yes, that was my date’s name for the Yankees) had used a little sumpin’ sumpin’ called steroids to increase his chances with home runs not home-town girls.

But still. I figured if history was going to made, I better capture it. All the better to be able to give the guy I formerly called ARod but based on this new information was now calling Nimrod, a hard time for being a LOSER.

Because TRULY, only a loser would try to win an award or some kind of accolade or anything through false means like drugs. Now, okay, well, Viagra’s a different story altogether ALLEGEDLY. Not that I would know.

But I digress.

I don’t consider this 600th home run legitimate.

My point is. Alex R., is a nimrod of the first degree if he used drugs while or in pursuit of playing baseball better. That’s just classless and yucky. Almost as bad as the Rays keeping poor sea creatures in a pool where baseballs come slamming through the water at a gazillion miles per hour.

I’m beginning to think everybody associated with baseball is just a big fat loser.

Oh, wait, I’m writing a blog about baseball — thus, I am now, officially, associated with it too!

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5 Responses to My date with Nimrod
  1. Since he just hit his 600th yesterday no one really made a big deal about it since he did admit taking steroids for 3 years.His legacy is done and seems like an uphill battle for him to get into the Hall of Fame.The only thing he did right was admit to it but he really had no choice as the evidence was piling up against A Rod.Along with Bonds,Clemens,Sosa,Palmerio,McGuire,and many more players the steroid era has ruined baseball but these guys will never get in the HOF.With all the new testing it seems finally baseball is cleaning up their act.The pitchers are dominating this year due to the testing I believe.The cheaters will get theirs in the end with a big ole asterisk if they even get into to the HOF which I doubt very much.Pete Rose laughs at these guys and he bet on baseball while a manager.He is another low class scumbag.Baseball is survivng despite these idiots and Arod is at the top of the class.The only thing he has going for him is $ good looks and Cameron Diaz..Damn not a bad gig if you can get it!

  2. I personally do not support any professional sport.

    Well, except for all gladiatorial games.

    But, that was a long time ago.

  3. Steve — thanks for the expanded view and information — I didn’t know all that!

  4. I love baseball!Trying to find out some info.@ the Rays tank.Know thats it`s huge 10,000 gallons and that limited # of fans can visit it at one time and that a marine bioligist is present for each game. Have a note in to The Florida Aquarium to get more info about your concerns. Most marine biologists are pretty passionate @ marine `tho so I`m not agonizing like I do about many ,many animal welfare How`d your date get a thermos into the game ??

  5. Joan — thanks for reading the blog! And for providing some insight into the manta ray situation. Yes, the tank is 10,000. But I did not know that a marine biologist is present for each game. That’s interesting! Please let me know if you find out more because if there’s good news — even if it proves me wrong — I’d love to be able to tell other readers about it!

    My date didn’t actually bring the thermos inside the stadium — we “tailgated” our martinis in the parking lot! :)


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