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The “Summoned Life”

If you missed the David Brooks op/ed in Thursday’s Sarasota Herald Tribune, you might want to check it out online at “Two Ways of Looking at Life.”

This is the kind of writing I like to see and read in a newspaper. Provocative. Not appealing to the lowest common denominators, the trigger-pullers of sex, sensationalism, slamming, and sordidness, that far too often populate the ever-decreasing pages given to opinion and editorial writing.

Here’s an outtake:

Life isn’t a project to be completed; it is an unknowable landscape to be explored.

Wow. Lovely writing, and for someone like me — who lives by a to-do list and who rather stupidly takes very little time to enjoy life because “oh, I’ve got too much to do!” — well, this sentence stood out like a big blinking neon sign.

I wonder what would happen to my life if instead of waking every morning and saying “What can I accomplish today?”, I asked, “What can I explore today?”

Read Brooks’ column today — seriously. It’s worth your time.

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