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Monica Yadav Back on the Air!

I was super excited to read in yesterday’s Business Weekly section of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, that Monica Yadav is going to be back on air in the greater Sarasota area.

Image courtesy of Showcase website.

Photo courtesy of The Showcase of

And, if the enormous number of blog postings and emails I’ve received about Monica/Heidi/Channel 7 are any indication — there’s a huge audience of loyal viewers who will be glad to see her back on the air as well. (If you want to check out the back stories I’ve done on Channel 7 and see the multitude of comments, just click here, or here, or here. There are other stories and more comments — you can find them by typing in “Monica” or “Channel 7” in the search box.)

According to Tom Bayles, the writer of the article, Monica, a former anchor on Sarasota’s ABC 7 News (, is doing a program called “The Showcase of Homes” — which showcases local communities and homes available for sale. Not only does the program inform the public about “what’s out there” but it also gives realtors an opportunity to market their listings.

The Showcase of Homes airs on ABC 7 on Saturdays at 7 am, rebroadcast Sundays at 11:30 am. You can also check the program out at

If you’re glad to see Monica back — feel free to post a shout out to her on this blog. I’m very glad to see her on the airwaves again.

Good luck, Monica!

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4 Responses to Monica Yadav Back on the Air!
  1. I am glad to hear that Monica is back on the air. I am NOT impressed by Lauren Dorsette, and Heidi Godman is a terrinle loss. Don Brennan gets worse all the time. What’s with this new hyena laugh of his?
    Thanks for the info.

  2. So glad Monica is back on the air – still wish she was on the news but I do love Linda Carson so no complaint there. Lauren is okay but I really miss Heidi – is she doing anything now?
    thanks, gail lyon

  3. Lauren Dorsette is just awful … I stopped watching ABC 7 news months ago. Linda Carson was just scary to watch. Funny, … I was never the greatest admirer of Monica Yadav, but since her departure I have realized how good she was. She doesn’t have a high pitched squeaky voice a la Dorsette who is just painful to listen to. She was a very natural person, pleasant and believable. I believe the management of that station made a big mistake firing her.

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