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Me, myself, and I

A while back I posted a blog about Word of Mouth — and in it, I was coming down hard on the service — the manners of the wait staff mostly, and then I followed that up with a blog called Heads Up, where I came down hard again on people whose dining manners left some to be desired.

Well, all I can say is that my readers are MUCH more polite than I (sheesh I hope that’s the right use of I!). Because several of them wrote to me OFF the blog — to my email address — to point out my own very poor grammar when I wrote “the server greeted my guest and I.”


And they’re absolutely correct. I actually do know this rule of grammar, but it got past me when I was writing — but I’m sure I also make the mistake more often than I’d like. Here’s how one reader explained proper usage: “The server ‘greeted my guest and me’ is correct, but “my guest and I” is not. You wouldn’t say, “greeted I and my guest.” In this case you are the object of the greeting and the pronoun has to be in the objective case.”

I do wonder if this reader is or was a former teacher — she explained it so well! :) But truly, several readers wrote to me outside of the blog and I was struck by how sweet they all were — none of them wanted to post a blog comment pointing out my error. I think they were all too polite (not like yours truly!).

I really appreciate it when readers catch any kind of mistake I make — or when they disagree — it all helps me become a better writer. (I hope!).

If anyone else out there, besides me, is grammatically challenged from time to time — here’s an online quick check site:

And, big thanks — from me, myself, and I — to those of you who set me straight, grammatically-speaking!

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3 Responses to Me, myself, and I
  1. We will always have your back MC.”Ain’t it the truth JW and Dan?”

  2. Steve, you said it right my man… M.C. We’re here for ya girl!

  3. “Me, myself, and I”.. I like all 3 of you (no.2 is hot).

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