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Encore! Encore! MC Coolidge to speak to Encore of Sarasota, Inc.

Encore of Sarasota, Inc., has kindly booked me for my first fall season speaking event on Thursday, September 9th. I’ll be talking about facing aging with guts, gratitude, and grace …. yikes … guess I better figure out how to do all of that since usually, I just facing aging with a Grinch-like grumpiness.

Encore, which was established in 1989, serves as a kind of extension of the friendships that are established in the Sarasota Newcomers Club. Anyone who’s completed three years of membership in the Newcomers club, or who has lived in the local area for five years — whether or not they’ve ever belonged to Newcomers, is eligible for membership in Encore.

The meetings are only open to members, to learn more, you might want to check out this link.

And, if you’re interested in booking me to speak to your group or organization or school, or whatevah — check this link out to learn a bit more. Or see where I’ve spoken in the past by going here.

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