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Day of atonement

Lesson 101 on building and maintaining and building and maintaining — and building and maintaining — a successful blog? A blog that has relevance and holds the interest of its loyal, longtime, and new, potentially regular readers?


I’m a slacker, I know it. I won’t even try to make excuses. I wish I could say I’ve been on vacation … or held hostage by Edward Norton (American History X, Painted Veil, The 25th Hour, The Illusionist — if you haven’t seen these what in the world have you been doing with your life!?) chimage

… or hung over from too many martini-mad, dance-trance, espresso-fueled, Sinatra-tuned, lover-lulled nuits-blanches … .

But then, you know I’d be lying.

So, today, a la Micheal Corleone, I settle all family business … um … I mean ….

Er, what? Sheesh … I thought there was a Godfather quote for every situation in life but I can’t find one that specifically addresses my recent slackerdom.

Okay, sorry, no Godfather reference — just this: Today, I atone for my sin of blogging sloth.

Posted on September 19th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
6 Responses to Day of atonement
  1. welcome back. I missed you. you have, I think, built up a large reservoir of good will with your readers. I know your intention is to blog often, and I support that. And I support it when you take a break for whatever reason.

  2. Well, I appreciate that acceptance, Gary, thank you.

  3. Never worry MC your loyal followers will always understand but we did miss you.Also I see in the paper that you helped a company win first place in the National Communications Awards.Congrats…..Oh don’t forget Norton in Primal Fear his best role:-)Welcome back!

  4. Thanks on all counts, Steve.

  5. Hi Mary Catherine,

    As you probably know, you missed Yom Kippur by one day. You did, however, hit the nail on the head. While God may grant forgiveness for broken vows, i.e. a promise to attend worship services more often, only those who we may have offended throughout the year can grant forgiveness after we ask them for it. I am sure that your “blogging public” was receptive to your solicitation.

    May you, the felines and your family enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year. As we say in Omaha: Shanah Tovah!

  6. Thank you Howard!

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